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Dear Society Members and Friends

November Issue


Every month we will be introducing our teams across the Society. In this edition we present the Pulse team who provide the motivationals each week.


Ibolya Beres is a simple, joyful soul choosing to live each moment with a deep passion for the fascinating mystery hidden in human beings. She worked for 20 years in a corporate world and 8 years as a life coach and spiritual guide.

For Ibolya spirituality is a dimension which opened and enriched her life to a whole new level of experience.

Gene Keys re-united Ibolya with her soul family, in a community where it’s easy to BE, BE- come and Be-long. She learned to love people through self love. And the most important thing she learned is that it is safe to keep her heart open no matter what. That Fear is safe. That suffering is Grace. That Forgiveness is Freedom.

It’s a joy to serve from delight and the ease of her gifts. Ibolya feels honoured, blessed and deeply grateful for the opportunity to be part of this beautiful synarchy.





Alicja is a creative explorer, guide, member of Multi-Lingual Matters team and the first Polish Ambassador of the Gene Keys.

She is passionate about man in its uniqueness. The discovery of Human Design led her to the Gene Keys. That’s how she found her passion and also a calling, to be a guide encouraging people to discover their own genius and power.

Alicja lives in Warsaw, Poland





After Danne Saring’s 14th turn around the Sun, she literally “hit the road” to learn more. A ponderer of self, others, and deeper realities, she has played at many roles – photographer, artist, teacher, counselor, volunteer, as well as mother and grandmother – imbuing the mainstream, like finance and administration, with spiritual and healing modalities. These days, she works virtually from her RV, living surrounded by trees and friends, dancing, beading and making art, drumming for lodge, counseling and communing.

The Gene Keys came to Danne during a dark time in her life, when questioning everything. She stopped creating and all that made her heart sing, and fell silent. The transmission enhanced her connection with self, others and creation. Likewise, Richard’s Dare to Be Divine is deepening her world beyond words! Danne feels blessed to offer her energy to this collective. She is honored and humbled to have your life touch hers.



Delta Fellowship

We are delighted to let you know that during December we’ll be completing a very successful beta testing of the Delta Fellowship. It’s been an honour to witness the depth of engagement and willingness of our test participants, and the resulting magic that has been unfolding both individually and collectively.

The Delta Fellowship is an incredible new experiment in the flowering of communal consciousness. The Delta is a game involving seven players and a beautifully choreographed seven-step dance that focuses on seven levels of sound vibration, linked to seven energy centres of the body and 7 Gene Keys. This offers a process for personal inner healing and balance as well as an invitation to join in the evolution of collective consciousness.

We will be sharing more details soon. In the meantime please save January 6th 2019 at 8pm (BST/London) in your diary, when we’ll have a Delta launch Webinar, which will be open and free to all.

Please also watch Richard’s newly released November video below, in which he mentions the Delta.

New Members Welcome

Click here to go to our Welcome Tent for all you need to orient yourself to the features of our website and member support services.

 An Invitation to Join the Society Team

After several years of devoted service that included setting up the Society’s accounting systems, Heather Martin is stepping out of her volunteer Treasurer role to focus on her art. A position is therefore now open for a Treasurer, who will oversee the Gene Keys Society financials. This includes monitoring the Quick Books Online reports, interfacing with the bookkeeper, checking the accounts on a periodic basis, and giving financial advice and a monthly report to the Custodial Council. The monthly reporting includes reviewing the Statement of Activity for the month and year-to-date, the Statement of Accounts, and the Budget. Some training will be provided, but candidates should be versed in generally accepted accounting principles, know how to use Excel spreadsheets, and have some knowledge of non-profit accounting. Please apply with your resume to:
This is a wonderful opportunity to work closely with other overseers of the Gene Keys Society, including Richard Rudd, Midi Berry, Tanmayo Lawson, and Ed King.

With Love,

From the Gene Keys Society

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