Gene Keys Society Newsletter: September 2017

Dear Gene Keys Society Members and Friends
September is a month for Society growth:

Ambassador Program to Launch Live in November:

We thank community members who have waited patiently for details of our long-promised Gene Keys Ambassador Program. As you may have read in Richard Rudd’s recent update, we are launching live on Monday 6th November at 20.00 UTC.

The program will start with a free introductory webinar, videos and Q&A session with Richard Rudd. This will be recorded so, if you can’t make the date, you can still tune in afterwards and participate in the first month’s tasks and activities.

The nine-stage program will be led by Richard. Each stage will last one month with a pause between months one and two. Stage One is free and open to everyone as it initiates and explains the whole Ambassador process. This first module will complete on December 5th. We will then pause until some time has elapsed in the New Year, for participants to contemplate whether or not they are ready to register for the full Ambassador program.

Richard Rudd says: “A Gene Keys Ambassador is committed to work with and share Gene Keys teachings beyond their own internal practice and embodiment. To become an Ambassador is to align oneself with the essence of the Gene Keys wisdom and to model and embody its highest values in the world.

The Gene Keys Ambassador Program is neither a training program nor a certification process. It may not be like anything else you have ever done. The program is designed to intensify your understanding and imbue you with the living wisdom that lies behind and within the external teachings.

If you’ve already submitted an Ambassador form on our website, you will soon receive a letter from the Society giving more details about the Ambassador Program and Circle. If not, you still have time to do so by submitting your form online by 15th October.

Local Area and Virtual Gene Keys Groups

“I’ve been studying my Gene Keys alone. Where will I find others willing to meet regularly?” “Are there any Gene Keys groups meeting near me?” “Is there a Skype or Zoom group that I can join to learn more about Gene Keys?”

Since the Society’s website opened in March, we’ve heard these and similar questions from newcomers and long time community members alike. So we’ve set up a Local and Virtual Gene Keys Study Groups Directory, accessible to the public as well as our members. Check it out here.

Are you currently hosting Gene Keys groups locally and/or online? Are you just setting one up? Would you like to recruit people to join you in a new group? Send us your details and your group can be included in the directory.

Our guidelines for inclusion are simple and few:

Groups agree to the Values and Principles of the Gene Keys Society
Groups help guide newcomers to reference the core teachings of the Golden Path
Group leaders are recommended to join the Ambassador program

We also ask that at least one member of your group is a Society member, and that this person agrees to encourage embodiment of our Society’s Values and Principles. In this way we can open fully to the boundless genius and creativity of our community, while also fostering coherence and respect for the wisdom of the Gene Keys teachings.

Even if your group is not open for new members, we’d love to hear from you, so do please submit your details.

Gene Keys Society Refugee Project:
MIT spells Information and Dignity for Refugees

Michael Kientzle from Stuttgart and Fabian Sloot from Amsterdam met in a makeshift soup kitchen in Idomeni, when both volunteered to cook for refugees stranded at the Greek-Macedonian border. They soon recognised that people had a need almost as pressing as for food and shelter: accurate information. Wild rumours were circulating with serious, even deadly, consequences for the refugees.

For example, Doctors without Borders’ clinic at the camp began overflowing with a disproportionate number of just pregnant women. Michael and Fabian’s research revealed that these women had been told that bearing a child on Greek soil would give EU citizenship to the baby and enable its family to stay in Europe.

Far from gaining a passport to freedom, these families had no legal right to asylum. They were needlessly exposing themselves and unborn babes to the dangers of childbirth and infant care in appalling physical conditions, while gaining another mouth to feed in a situation where food security was scarce to non-existent.

We started simply by dismantling such rumours and trying to put some reality in place.

What began with a couple of volunteers among the tents of Idomeni has grown in eighteen months into the Mobile Info Team (MIT), a Dutch-registered non-profit foundation now based in Thessaloniki, Greece. With a third partner, Mariana from Portugal, Michael and Fabian have gathered a group of twelve plus volunteers, who provide a unique mix of legal aid and social work for about 500 families.

They offer legal advice on applying for asylum and the European relocation program and work to reunify families separated when Europe closed its borders. Just as important, they spend time and listen with respect, restoring some dignity to people obliged to struggle to survive in a situation not of their own choosing.

Luck of Birth, whose refugee work we have previously supported, lent MIT an office in their refugee housing project. Sam alerted us in June to MIT’s urgent need for funding. Since then, thanks to generous donations by members and friends, the Society has given over $6,000 to Mobile Info Team.

Fabian laughs: “We came to Greece thinking we would come and volunteer and cook for about a month and help out a little bit. We’ve both been swallowed by this refugee crisis and it’s a year and a half later and we’re still here!

If you’d like to hear more of MIT’s inspiring story, please email us at We’ll send you some reports and a link to a recent audio interview with Fabian and Michael. To donate to the project click below.

With Love

The Gene Keys Society Team

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