Gene Keys Society – March 2019 Newsletter

Dear Society Members and Friends

March 2019 Issue

Gene Keys Hungary

This month we introduce Katilin Nagy who is part of the MLM representing Hungary.

From her university studies in International Relations through life as a foreign policy journalist and many years of expatriate life abroad with her diplomat husband, Kati arrived in her mid-thirties completing a degree in Psychology and becoming a therapist. The discovery of Human Design led her to the Gene Keys, which opened up a whole new world to her.

Kati translated the Gene Keys book, The Golden Path and recently The Art of Contemplation into Hungarian, and she is facilitating the development of the Gene Keyscommunity in Hungary. With her 3/5 Cross of Planning design, her passion is to cooperate with people on new kinds of sustainable projects and experiment with new ways of cooperation. She has been the coordinator of the Multi-Lingual Matters team in the Society for two years now, where she represents a passionate voice for finding ways to include all languages and all voices, and developing new forms of working together in the spirit of fairness, transparency and equality.

As an Ambassador she sees her main role as helping to spread the Gene Keysworldwide, and bringing them to Hungary in particular. She is currently preparing Richard’s visit to Budapest in June, as this will be an excellent opportunity to get the transmission out to even more people.
Kati has three children and lives with her husband and teenage daughter, two cats and two dogs in a green district of Budapest.

The Pulse

We are currently on the look out for any raw photos/images to be added to the weekly Pulse mail outs and on our Instagram account. If you have any you would like to share to the Gene Key of the Day, please email Costa at

Society Inbox Coverage

During the week of the Ambassador Retreat, May 4 through May 14, we will have minimal coverage for the Society Inbox email ( Ann will be available for responding to inquiries as Jasmin and Rielle will be traveling and attending the Ambassador Retreat in May. We are still anticipating and targeting a no longer than 48 hour response time.

We apologize for any inconvenience and appreciate your patience. We would also like to thank you for your graciousness and the kindness we receive from you in our support role, and to express the gratitude we hold in our hearts for being part of this wonderful community. It is truly our privilege to serve you.

Rielle, Ann and Jasmin

Fragments Of Light

Please click below to view the latest Fragments of Light videos series by Richard including:

Perfectly Imperfect
The Voidness of your Intellect
Quantum Consciousness

With Love,

From Richard and the Gene Keys Society

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