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Dear Society Members and Friends

April 2019 Issue

Salve Et Vale

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April 2019 has seen two hellos and a goodbye in Gene Keys Society’s teams.
In the Custodial Council, we welcomed Katalin Nagy and Anton Saxton. Kati is going to be helping the team keep translation and multilingual issues in the forefront of all governance decision-making. Anton will bring his long experience from the publishing side of the house to guide us toward greater coherence among the many initiatives being called forth to ground the transmission in practical action. As such Anton will also be joining the Gene Keys Society Media team. We are delighted to have the support of Kati and Anton at this time, when the Council is engaged in discussions and decision making on many vital structural issues.
Meanwhile, Mark Bentley is stepping out of the Core Team after playing a key bridge role to develop ideas and bring a dialogue about creating a Community Council to the community itself. If you’d like to join that conversation, do log in to the society website and go to:
There’s no reason to fear that we will be missing Mark’s vibrant voice in the community: among other Gene Keys related activities, he will be working with Richard and others as a member of the newly-forming Ambassador Circle to bring a special focus to Art of Contemplation offerings.

Gene Keys Italy

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This month we introduce Maria Teresa Frezet who is part of the MLM representing Italy.

Maria comes from the north-west of Italy where she currently lives in Aosta, a little town in the Alps, on the borders of France and Switzerland. In 1987 she obtained a degree in French (maîtrise franco-italienne) and after work experience as a hotel manager, she started to follow her real interest for inner growth with the intention to improve more fluent relationships at all levels. She is the co-creator of Thanks Attitude (, an inner path to live healthy relationships.

Over a period of 10 years Maria completed the training with Life Alignment energetic system and, through her interest in Human Design, got in touch with the activating power of the archetypes of the Gene Keys. She is now mainly focused on spreading the knowledge of the Gene Keys in Italy with group work on each single key and integrating it with Life Alignment for a much quicker transmutation of the heaviness of the shadow into the richness of the gift. Maria has applied for the translation of the GK Book in Italy and is trustful that the publisher will soon assign her the task.

A member of the Multilingual team of the Gene Keys, Maria has two grown-up children and lives with her partner Roberto. Being a Projector with the Cross of Service and her 4/6 profile, she is definitely here to bring her service by making this world a more joyful place to live!

Delta Fellowship

All 30 teams in our initial first round Delta experiment will soon have completed their journey. It’s been awe-inspiring and an honour to be witnessing and holding space for 210 courageous pioneers to journey far into new and hitherto unexplored realms of collective consciousness.

The Society’s first phase of Delta implementation has been a great learning experience for us. We feel deeply encouraged and grateful for all the positive reports and constructive feedback as team members now complete and submit their first round surveys. We are listening carefully to all you have to say and will be incorporating many of your suggestions in the next and future rounds.

I’m personally delighted by how many Delta voyagers are intending to continue for a second round. We’ll open the doors for intact teams who have already completed round one to register and begin their second round on Beltane, May 1st, as long as they choose to self organise. For other teams wishing to begin their second round with a focaliser and/or with changes in team member composition, registration will begin at the Solstice, June 22nd. That date also marks the opening of our second phase registration for anyone new to the Delta who wishes to sign up for a first round.

The second round registration link will be sent directly on May 1st to all teams who have signalled they are ready to resume immediately. For any other questions, feel free to contact us at

Society Inbox Coverage

During the week of the Ambassador Retreat, May 4 through May 14, we will have minimal coverage for the Society Inbox email ( Ann will be available for responding to inquiries as Jasmin and Rielle will be travelling and attending the Ambassador Retreat in May. We are still anticipating and targeting a no longer than 48 hour response time.

We apologize for any inconvenience and appreciate your patience. We would also like to thank you for the graciousness and kindness we receive from you in our support role, and to express the gratitude we hold in our hearts for being part of this wonderful community. It is truly our privilege to serve you.

Rielle, Ann and Jasmin

Volunteer Of The Month 

In celebration and gratitude to all our volunteers, we have created a Volunteer of the Month gallery in the Philanthropy Hub section. Please learn more about our valued volunteers, who they are and how they contribute their gifts and talents to the Society and to all of us:

Fragments Of Light 

Fragments V2 Square

Please click below to view the latest Fragments of Light videos series by Richard including:

Perfectly Imperfect
The Voidness of your Intellect
Quantum Consciousness

With Love,

From Richard and the Gene Keys Society

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