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  • The Key of Sensitivity (Jan 28 – Feb 02 2020) January 27, 2020
    "In the Dream Arc System, every fear has a name, and every underworld creature represents a specific fear. The 19th Gene Key is the fear of feelings. Its symbol is the Tarantula. For such a relatively harmless creature, the tarantula has been a favourite target of the media and cinema as a totem representing a […]
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  • The Key of Emanation (Jan 23 – Jan 27 2020) January 22, 2020
    "This is the Revolution inside our being. It’s a process that’s going on in many of us now, making us more and more uncomfortable, and that’s a good thing. It’s a mystical cleansing of the emotional system and it’s why many people who begin working with the Gene Keys quickly lose a lot of weight […]
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  • The Key of Justice (Jan 17 – Jan 22 2020) January 16, 2020
    "Transformation always comes in the gaps. This is the teaching of the Gift of Realism; we plan for luck. We set up our easel, we start a business, whatever the form may be, and we go through the motions. We don’t know when or how or what, but sooner or later a breakthrough will occur. […]
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  • Delta Scholarship Update January 12, 2020
    Are you wanting to join the Delta journey, but need some financial support to be able to do so?  Then we're pleased to let you know that thanks to all those who have so generously donated to the Delta Scholarship Fund, we currently have some funds available and we invite you to apply here
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  • The Key of Sanctity (Jan 12 – Jan 16 2020) January 10, 2020
    "Each plane of being has a living geometry. When the perfect geometry of the higher planes descends, even for a moment, it instantaneously aligns the geometry of all the lower subtle bodies, like iron filings following a magnet. This is how Christ performed his miracles; that higher geometry worked through his aura on all those […]
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  • Mark Bentley January 9, 2020
    Elijah Parker
  • The Key of Ascension (Jan 6 – Jan 11 2020) January 5, 2020
    "Greatness is a question of play. It has nothing to do with what anyone else thinks. It has nothing to do with technique or talent. Without the higher vision of service, personal ambition is essentially a form of corruption. It robs a part of the world. You will find this truth in every single Gene […]
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  • December 2019 Newsletter January 3, 2020
    The December Newsletter with updates from Delta and Gene Keys Open Calls from around the globe.
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  • The Key of Perseverance (Jan 1 – Jan 5 2020) December 29, 2019
    "Your Life’s Work is a great thing to contemplate. So have a good look at the Gene Key you have there. What response do those three words trigger inside you? Confusion, excitement, doubt, annoyance? Whatever it is, that is your starting point. Begin with that feeling. That is the difficulty or not. Why do you […]
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  • The Key of Vitality (Dec 26 – Dec 31 2019) December 25, 2019
    "There’s a great tradition in almost all religious cultures of service, of serving others less fortunate than ourselves. Why is that? It may have become a stale tradition or a mere custom, but originally it was an impulse from those who had raised their consciousness to great heights. As we refine our life force, our […]
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