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  • The Delta Returns June 24, 2019
    The Delta Fellowship ~ Now Open for Registration The Delta Fellowship is a game that brings together groups of seven people over seven weeks, inviting them into a transformational process that is spontaneous, mysterious and potentially transcendent.
    Elijah Parker
  • The Key of Magnetism (June 20 – June 25 2019) June 19, 2019
    "One of the great challenges for modern humanity is to learn how to slow down. The Schumann Resonance is a frequency oscillation that moves far more slowly than most human beings are used to, especially in our modern world. Time moves uniquely for all life on Gaia. She has never been in a hurry. The […]
    Gene Keys Society
  • The Key of Discrimination (June 14 – June 19 2019) June 12, 2019
    "Vanity and purity are mirrors at the two ends of the spectrum of human consciousness. With vanity your lower self falls in love with itself, and with purity the Higher Self falls in love with itself. You might say that purity is when the Divine falls in love with You. This can only happen when […]
    Gene Keys Society
  • The Key of Synergy (June 8 – June 13 2019) June 7, 2019
    "Synergy is like a healing wave that rushes through the human genome. It balances and equalises different chemistries, making a higher group awareness possible. This is our future awareness and any group that comes together for a higher purpose can experience this transformation. We come into Synergy when we’re in a state of trust. All […]
    Gene Keys Society
  • May 2019 June 6, 2019
    We are happy to present Sonhui as our first volunteer of the Month for March. Sonhui has been volunteering as a first line Gene Keys website programmer in the Society since summer of 2018. A programmer with many years of experience and skill, her presence and dedication in supporting all technical aspects of website and […]
    Gene Keys Society
  • The Key of Adventure (June 2 – June 7 2019) May 31, 2019
    "The secret is adventure, and true adventure can only be based upon love. Adventure is what happens when the human spirit breaks free from the mind. Adventure is a state of being that comes from the realisation of the oneness of all being. Adventure is not yet immersion in that oneness, but it is what […]
    Gene Keys Society
  • The Key of Versatility (May 27 – June 1 2019) May 26, 2019
    "Versatility requires viscosity, flexibility, and openness. What happens after the heart has opened? The Gift describes the process of the actual opening of our heart. It opens, it closes, we open it again, it closes again. It's a stretching, a process, a learning. We're carving ourself into being. At a certain point we've just learned […]
    Gene Keys Society
  • The Key of Self Assurance (May 21 – May 26 2019) May 21, 2019
    "Once we begin to consider the affects of our actions, our thoughts, our words and speech, once we see them deeply, it has a preventative affect in us. Certain addictive patterns fall away, and we learn how to be more altruistic and less harmful and toxic in our environment. Of course, this is still all […]
    Gene Keys Society
  • Mobile Info Team: Our Achievements in April May 19, 2019
    As the summer approaches, we continue to see a wide variety of questions being asked by refugees here in Greece including how to travel as a refugee, what support is available for ex-translators of European forces and how the asylum process works in general.
    Gene Keys Society
  • The Key of Style (May 16 – May 20 2019) May 14, 2019
    "Individual uniqueness is something that our modern societies uphold and idolise, but in reality we are afraid to have too many colourful individuals. Style is more than skin deep. It is the cutting edge of creation itself. Individuals manifesting this Gift have surrendered themselves to a creative process that controls them, rather than them controlling […]
    Gene Keys Society