Gene Key 4 – Acupoint Synopsis by Alaya DeNoyelles

Gene Key 4

Inner Courtyard, Stomach 44

This hexagram is comprised of the trigrams of Mountain/Earth over
Water. The associated AcuPresence points is the water point on the
yang earth meridian, Inner Courtyard, Stomach 44.


Alaya DeNoyelles

Alaya DeNoyelles is the founder of AcuPresence®, a transformative healing art based on the healing tradition of Classical Chinese Medicine and the universal principle of vibration. She has been practicing Acupuncture for nearly 2 decades. Her expertise and passion is working with the vibrational aspect of Classical Five Element Acupuncture via the “Spirit of the Points,” the unique vibrational signature of acupuncture points. Her acupuncture practice has evolved from simply treating patients to include educating people on how to treat themselves. Alaya is the author of The Sovereignty of Love, Coming Home With Ho’oponopono and AcuPresence®, A Vibrational Healing Art.  AcuPresence is the culmination of her inspiration to empower people to utilize the essence of acupuncture as a vibrational medicine and to return the simplicity and beauty of acupuncture to the world. You can learn more about Alaya and her work at, or by email at

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