Francesca Hollingsworth

Francesca Ordona Hollingsworth is a life coach, speaker, healer and a five-element fashion designer. She has been on her inner beauty healing path for over 50 years. Born the 11th child out of 13, she started sewing at age 3 and at 7 it was obvious to her and her family she was highly intuitive. As a child, she loved creating intuitive games to play. So, it was not a big surprise when she intuitively hit the Amazon buy button to purchase Richard’s Gene Keys book and discovered her Life’s Work was Gene Key 57, Clarity, Intuition and Unease. As a 6/2 she’d been waiting for years to find these keys! Who knew the magic of search engines would lead her down the right path. Along the way Francesca picked up a number of other divination art treasures, she acquired an MMQ, a Master of Medical Qi Gong, became a Reverend of Psychic Healing and an Astro-Numerologist. She is very happy and honored to be a Gene Key Ambassador. Now at home with the Gene Keys transmission, her passion is to unlock your inner beauty and help you create the Art of You.

Services Offered
1:1 Prosperity Path Guidance
Astro-Numerology Sessions
Aura Healing Sessions
Online Courses: Astrology 101, Numerology 101, Astro-Numerology 101, Human Design 101, Five Element Fashion, Basics in Holistic Health



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  1. Hi Francesca,
    I just came upon your profile. I have the 57 Lifes Work too. Oct 9th.
    Just dropping in to say hi and send well wishes.


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