Fostering International Exchange – Bulgaria Gene Keys Festival

A world gathering is planned in Bulgaria for a date still to be confirmed in 2020. Where is Bulgaria? You’ll find this beautiful land and its seven million people next to the Black Sea, in the south east of Europe between Romania and Turkey, with other neighbours that include Greece, Macedonia and Serbia.

International exchange is essential for our Gene Keys community to grow strong global roots. The long lead time offered to the festival gives us all a chance to save for travel costs and retreat fees.  We hope that members all over the world will feel inspired to attend.

We invite immediate donations to support the material costs of festival creation. Nearer the date, we will also launch a travel fund crowdfunder to support some community members who would love to attend, yet whose financial circumstances would otherwise prevent them doing so.

We will share information about the festival as details begin to emerge, and invite our Bulgarian members to tell us if there are ways we can be a support to them at a distance.

Society members may enjoy beginning to tune their ears to the Bulgarian language: listen to the translator and also see if you can spot some of our Bulgarian members in the video of a talk that Richard gave to the White Brotherhood, when he visited Bulgaria in 2017.

Go here to read first-hand experiences of some members who, thanks to past community generosity, have received scholarships to attend Gene Keys events around the world. And hear from Momo, a passionate advocate of international exchange, who is pictured below during her visit to the beautiful mountains of Bulgaria. 


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