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      This thread is dedicated to greeting, celebrating and welcoming newly joined Members of Gene Keys Society!

      It is a warm space where current members can say Hello and introduce yourself and new members can post their initial self intro greeting as well!

      You might like to tell us where you are living?
      what is your connection to the Gene Keys?
      Whom or what brought you here?
      Where you have been in your voyage of Self Illumination up till now?
      What visions do you have for being with us?
      Any needs, questions or requests….?

      These are just suggestions of course…

      The possibilities are limitless and we are SO GLAD that you have joined us!

      Reminder too that we have a way for you meet us face to face. 🙂
      You can join our Membership Hub Welcome Team live twice a week on Zoom.
      Here is the link with all the details about how to that call:

      Weekly Worldwide Open Calls for All Gene Keys Community

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      Let’s welcome Sabrina Page who recently joined our Gene Keys Society Membership Hub!
      Here is her profile: https://genekeys-society.com/members/sabrina33/

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      Membership Hub

      Hello Beautiful Members in the Hub….
      Welcome to Restoration of “Welcoming New Members” Forum thread.
      A small number of past posts were temporarily dropped from some Forum threads when we shifted to the upgraded new website and we are now restoring them all in one post for each thread that had posts missing.
      There is some great info and inspiring communications here.
      Welcoming New Members Thread:

      From Welcome Team on Jan 19, 2018 (updated with new site links on March 5, 2018)

      There are four easy ways for you meet the Welcome Team for Member Support and Community Connections face to face and request support with orienting to the myriad of resources and aspects of the Membership Hub and Gene Keys Society.

      1. You can join our Membership Hub Welcome Team live once a week on Zoom.
      Here is the link with all the details about how to JOIN that call on Wednesdays: https://genekeys-society.com/open-community-calls/

      2. You can request live one to one chat for orientation and guidance.
      Just send a Public or Private Message to any one of our three Welcome Team members:
      Jo PEACE Beall  @jobeall64
      Elitsa Stoichkova @genchoni
      Maureen Momo Freehill @maureen-momo-freehill

      3. You can post questions and comments for the benefit of all our members in this thread or on the Questions and Support Forum here: https://genekeys-society.com/forums-home/general-questions/
      4. You can also email us directly at welcometeam@genekeys-society.com

      Blessings for your exploration and we’ll see you soon in the field and stream of this grand voyage of Self Illumination!

      With Love,
      Jo, Elitsa + Momo
      Gene Keys Society Membership Hub
      Welcome Team

      From Member @Mariateresa on Dec 12, 2017

      Dear Maureen thank you so much for your warm welcome! !!!!!!

      Just one thing. …I don’t exactly understand when there will be the next meeting on zoom and at what time in Europe.  Thanks a lot! !!!

      Reply from Momo to Member Mariateresa on Dec 12, 2017
      Entirely a pleasure dear @mariateresa!

      The zoom calls are described in the links above…

      …on WEDNESDAYS at 9am and 11pm Pacific Time in USA.

      The direct link for this is:


      Love to see you join us! <3

      From Member @monica25461015 Monica Pop on Jan 9, 2018
      Hello to everyone and thank you so much for welcoming me, Maureen! ♥ I am very happy to be here with all of you!

      From Member @DustyBodeen on Jan 9, 2018

      Thank you for the welcome, Welcome Team. My name is Dusty Bodeen and I live in Portland, Oregon. In 2009, while living in healing arts community, The Sage Wellness Collective  the Gene Keys book sat on our dining room table. My magical roommate, Binah Zing had bought the book for the house and one afternoon I started reading it and my life has been forever changed. When Binah passed away in fall of 2014, I heard a calling from her. She told me to dive deeper and to attend the Seven Sacred Seals retreat. In joining the society and daily contemplation of the Gene Keys I honor her message to my heart and to the world.

      The voyage of self-illumination and brought me to an inner-life of self-love and devotion to service. In 2011, I received a licensed to practice massage therapy, then married my best friend and roommate, Dr.Brooke Bodeen and began working with an non-profit, Mindful Medicine Worldwide. During that year, 2012, we lived and volunteered in free medical clinic connected to a Tibetan Buddhist Monastery,  Thrangu Tashi Choling Free Clinic.

      When we returned back to the United States, my wife received a position as a resident with world-renowned Lyme disease specialist Dr.Dietrich Klinghardt. We were living in the Seattle, Washington area and my Portland community was not there! But that was a gift. It gave me the opportunity to dive into three things: my practice as a massage therapist, Gene Keys and my relationship with best friend and wife. I started the Golden Path about 6 months after our arrival and the love in my partnership blossomed to new heights. I also began making a hip-hop music, inspired from the Gene Keys with a massage client who was also a music producer.

      Fast forward to now, 4 years later — We are back in Portland and own a medical clinic with an incredible woman Dr. Anne Hill called, Alder Family Medicine. I am months away from finishing a Masters in Chinese Medicine and working on Chinese Medicine hip-hop! The lessons from the Gene Keys transmission about synthesizing our life whispers so deeply to my soul.

      My vision for joining the Gene Keys society speaks to some recent Epiphanies! My work with the 4th Seal has been very present. We are the Epiphany! I just returned from a 2 week beach trip in Mexico. It took me 10 days of contemplation and doing nothing to let go of this monkey I  had on my back. I had been planning to start a doctoral program for Chinese Medicine and it was stressing me out! My Epiphany was that I am enough. I am a line 2 dancer and what really comes to me with ease…is diving deep into inner life, connecting with my patients and being totally guided by creative expression. The world of academia can be rigid and its connected to a system that doesn’t always flow with my gifts. It has been 8 years with Gene Keys and I am finally started the Pearl yesterday. I move like a turtle.

      My visions are to synthesize my Chinese Medicine practice, Gene Keys work and inspirational Hip Hop. I see myself completing a future Ambassador program and sharing this work. I see myself being more connected to my fellow Gene Keys society community members and working together to bring these teachings into the hearts of those who are ready.

      I am here. If any other members ever want to reach out to me I am your brother. Lets do this together.

      In love,


      Reply from Momo @maureen-momo-freehill to Member Dusty  on Jan 10, 2018

      Thank you dear brother @dustybodeen for your generous self introduction and “counter welcome,” it’s truly a joy to have you with us in the Membership Hub.
      So much in what you shared I did not know …and am very happy to know about you.
      Like when do we get to hear a taste of some Chinese Medicine hip-hop?
      And, totally gotcha on the stress is not the “easy is right” way of a 2nd line.
      Are you a 4/2 or 5/2 or…?
      (Im a 5/2..which includes a healthy daily dose of 4th GK letting go/forgiveness).
      Blessings and love in this field and stream of our voyage,

      From Member @Brightstar on Jan 10, 2018

      Hello my name is Geraldine/Brightstar and I thank you for the warm welcome! A new year and a new community is very exciting to look forward to in 2018…

      I live in Hong Kong and I have been following the Gene Keys teaching since 2015 after seeing Richard Rudd in Watkins Bookstore give a enlightening presentation on his journey of creating the Gene keys Book.

      I have since been an avid student of the unfoldment of these soul teachings and have had a personal session with Peter Tongue who has helped me understand and piece together the meaning of my personal profile.

      I look forward to connecting to other members especially those who live in Hong Kong!!

      From Welcome Team @Jo Beall on Jan 19, 2018

      Ah…. What a joy to welcome our latest new members and all our members…My life’s work is intoxication and there is nothing more intoxicating than meeting and greeting beloveds into this magical realm. Although my link isn’t live right now in the post above ( @jobeall64 ) I love chatting with you 1:1 and being in the field weekly on our open calls…  my heart smiles with yours as we walk this spirit path together… boundless love, co-hearts!

      From Welcome Team @genchoni Elitsa Stoichkova on Jan 19, 2018

      Hello everyone, happy to be here and to welcome all of you on this beautiful journey! I have a deep passion for supporting people on their Golden path. Looking forward to connect with you and discuss the questions, the inspirations and the experiences with the Gene keys. Warm hug for all of you!

      From Member @Ancasira on Jan 23, 2018

      Hello everyone,

      Thank you for the welcome Momo.

      Ok here goes, a bit about myself (since I have the invitation, lol ) . I am an acupuncturist for 18 years and an artist as well. I was initially introduced to Human Design via my good friend David Kitts. He was studying Human Design and I became intrigued with it. It was the first system I’d ever come across that described me accurately. Astrology never could tell me what I was feeling energetically nor about my open head and needing an invitation. Before my awareness of Human Design I would internally joke with myself and with friends about how I was like a vampire in that I would never touch anything, or enter anywhere unless invited. Finding out I was a Projector answered so many things for me. I didn’t have the bandwidth at the time to delve more deeply into the system. I realise now that I think I didn’t delve more deeply because something was missing for me. I couldn’t quite place it but I did use the HD system to help with women’s fertility lines. I am a fertility specialist and it was another tool I could use to help couples , especially in the realm of IVF and transfer days, whether a woman could stay home as the doctor ordered or whether she actually needed to be out in public being around others that had the line. Then David again said something one day about the Gene Keys, my interest was piqued. Of course it would be because I love to learn and never feel like I know enough. Lol. I loved the Gene Keys and didn’t delve into it deeply though. Then I did a womb course and the subject of shadow work began to emerge. I became devoted to shadow work and at the same time I came across Richard’s videos. I fell in love with how poetically he expressed the keys, I love the esotericism of them, the shadow and the siddhi, everything he said I have studied. I have been on a long spiritual quest for many years and have read many things. It made sense all that Richard said and because he is a firm believer in ones personal experience I could trust the material. The womb group turned out to be a cult and so I am very wary of anyone being a “guru” and Richard is not and so I could fully embrace the Gene Keys.  I would say I’ve been contemplating the keys for a few years. For me it takes about a year to contemplate a key and what seems to happen is that life deals out relationships and situations that bring the key up for me to really experience. This year, I committed to doing my full chart and going through all the sequences.  I always thought acupuncture and my role as a facilitator of healing was my souls purpose but since I’ve moved to Scotland. Sold everything and just followed my heart, I’ve really been calling into question my true soul purpose.  I’ve been a loner much of my life and I learn to balance being around people and being alone. I need both. So I’m here to learn and also to help my community. I am a server and I believe my gifts lie in helping others.

      I look forward to getting to know this tribe as what I’m really looking for is my vibe tribe.  I have always felt there is something big to do, just don’t know what it is… yet.

      Thank you for the welcome and much love to you all.


      Reply from Momo to Member Ancasira on Jan 24, 2018

      Wow dear Anca,
      Thank you dearly for your generous self-introduction. I loved reading your story and entering your life flow…
      Do be do be do….  wonderful you!
      <3 Momo

      Reply from Jo Beall @jobeall64 to Member Ancasira on Jan 24, 2018

      Anca, thanks so much for so generously sharing a beautiful introduction, love hearing about your journey and look forward to deepening our relationship…. xoxoxo, jo

      From Jo Beall @jobeall64 to New Members Ancasira on Feb 12, 2018

      deep bows to all of the newest members of the Gene Keys Society family… looking so forward to deepening our connection as we journey together on this amazing magical mystery tour of exploring our true nature… thank you, thank you, thank you for showing up and being a beautiful presence here…

      boundless love!


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      Hi I am a new member trying to figure out how to create my profile – and especially how to upload a photo. Doesn’t seem obvious on my page. Thank you Momo or . . .

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        Hello Dear Sabrina,
        @sabrina33 Great question!
        Here are some written instructions…if it does not work, I would be happy to meet with you and screen share to walk you through it!
        It’s fun when members personalize their profiles, glad you want to. 🙂

        First log in…
        Go to the menu tab and hover over “My Profile”
        Choose “Edit My Profile” on top of drop down menu
        In the next page click “Profile” on the inner menu– (its between “Activity” and “Notifications”
        On this next page click “Change Profile Photo” or “Change Cover Photo” for photos or “Edit” to add more personal info or change your account info.

        Let me know if you need more assistance…look forward to seeing what you add.
        Blessings aplenty!

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