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      Hello GK Society Friends and Members!
      Wanted to highlight the new article(s) that were posted on What’s New this week.
      One of them is about the Welcome Team and what we are all about.
      It is also an easy link and reference to return to if you want to join our twice weekly WED/THURS open Zoom meeting live calls for all Gene Keys Community.

      https://genekeys-society.com/welcome-team-update/Love, Momo

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      Patty Vanourney

      Just wanted to say that I posted the Wednesday call information to every Gene Key Facebook page that I have been befriended.   So many great people and groups out there and ALL over the globe…their pages are colorful, alive, and very interactive!  Plenty of artistic shares and music complements to the gene keys are available..what a wonderful world we are becoming!

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