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    When I log in I get the following view to see, is this necessary ?

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    Josephine Goffe

    My dear Olaf,

    Your question regarding the necessity of view seen upon log in was sent to administration.  Therefore, there may be a delay in you receiving a response.  Please accept our apology for the delay.

    Best wishes.

    Josephine Goffe

    Welcome Team Member

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    Hi Olaf,
    As far as I am concerned, this is not necessary.
    A couple of questions to follow up with this inquiry:
    Is this always the first thing you view when you log in to the Membership Hub?
    If so, what would be your preference for a first view?
    If not, what is your request/need in this matter?

    Just for clarity, in the Society Membership Hub I believe there is currently only one “product” that can be ordered through the “shopping cart.”
    That is a membership–which you already have. 🙂
    So no need whatsoever for “sales appeals.”

    Thank you for being in touch!
    Maureen Momo
    Welcome Team

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    Hi Momo 😄 yes it is the first thing i get to see …

    before this yellow shop thing was not on my virgin page

    I would like to have this original neutral  ad-free site back

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    Ok, thanks Olaf for clarifying. Will work on getting you back to your original preference….Thanks for your patience while I investigate this further. 🙂

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    Gene Keys Society

    Hi Olaf

    Thanks for your patience with this issue.

    We believe it is now fixed. When you log in now as a Society member, you should get taken to the Membership Hub instead of to the cart. Please let us know if you continue to have problems.


    Gene Keys Society

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