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      I do not have a Line 3 or Line 4 on my hologenetic profile.  I have only purchased the Activation Sequence.  Are these pulled in later or do we not necessarily have all 6 lines?

      Thank you,


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      Patty Vanourney

      Hello Tracey,

      If you have not heard from anyone regarding the lines, this may help.  As you get deeper into the Activation Sequence, you will see how your particular line number is relevant to you and your gene key.  Learning about ALL the line ‘types’  helped me understand more about myself and others.  You will start to see a pattern in the line types and that is so much fun!  Then you get to apply it to your particular gene key…this is the real adventure!  Let me know if you still have questions, I’d be happy to help.

      Much Love,

      Patty from the Welcome Team

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