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      Hi Everyone,

      Would you forward the link to purchase the tickets for this summer in Victoria?

      I saw them before I joined the site, now they have disappeared?

      Also please confirm there are two separate events,

      1: Richard Rudd, = $115 per person?

      2: Meeting with the local chapter = $55 a person. Is this correct? Thanks, Kathy & Harry in Vancouver, B.C. Canada

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      Jenn Nelson

      Here are links to purchase tickets for the two events:
      1)July 28th: 64 Names of Love – Canada
      2)July 29th: Society Gathering – Canada

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      Hello Kathy!

      Thanks for your question. It gives us an opening to say more about a Society event which is still in process of dreaming itself into development. And thanks to Jenn Nelson for sharing registration links.

      Richard’s one-day course on Friday July 28th in Victoria BC Canada is US$115 per place. With Richard’s blessing, The Society has taken this opportunity of Gene Keys ‘passionates’ from near and far converging on Victoria to set up an inaugural gathering at the same venue on Saturday July 29th. The price for this is two-tier: Society members pay US$40 and non-members pay US$55. Tickets are already selling quickly and space is limited to 80 paying participants.

      This is a Society wide gathering, open to anyone from anywhere who is able to get to Victoria at the end of July.

      The event will be anchored in the unique energy of the land and people of the Pacific NorthWest: The power of place, combined with so many Gene Keys enthusiasts living in British Columbia, influenced our choice of location for our first formal gathering. At the same time, and in many important respects, the day will be non-local in content and process. A small team is currently working to co-create what it anticipates will become a replicable template, available to Gene Keys groups and guilds who may wish to adapt it for use in their own localities.

      In this way, we aspire to feed the vision of a coherent and self-organising Society.

      We will be sharing more information about the Society gathering soon.

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      I am a new member, and have joined with six other spiritual women here in BC where “The 64 Names of Love” is being presented in Victoria, a short ferry ride for most of us here. We are all excited, and welcome others to beautiful BC, Canada!

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      Klaus Oehr

      The first day is already sold out 3 months ahead of time. Why not consider a different venue for July so you can have more people on the first day? People obviously want to be there. You can keep the church you chose for the second day.

      I wanted to register for the first day today but you are sold out. I’m sure there are others that wanted to come.

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      Klaus Oehr

      or if you can’t change the day 1 venue then find a way to include as many people as want to take part live and online.

      You can do the same for day 2 – live and online

      Consider contemplation of Inclusiveness (100?200?300?400?…….) vs. Exclusiveness (80 people).

      Consider doing this for Romania as well.


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      Costa Symeonidis

      Yes I agree with Klaus. You are spot on.

      Gene Keys is about being inclusive not exclusive.

      The teachings should be open to all who wish to integrate this new path into the world and not to a select few. I am willing to make it from Australia to attend that weekend and feel the approach should be like what was done in Sinaia, Romania-  increase the numbers. Why can’t we do the same here?






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      Hello Klaus and Costa

      Thank you both for your comments.

      Please forgive our long silence in response to your comments here. As you now know, Richard heard and responded to a request from you and many others to move the 64 Names event to a larger venue. This new venue is nearly double the size yet still remains small relative to the number of people who would like to attend. This has been because of limited physical choices available in Victoria, where Richard is available briefly in late July to give this course. Inevitably, therefore, some people will still be disappointed although we can now welcome 150 on Friday and about 80 on Saturday, which will be at the original venue, since the bigger venue is being used for a wedding that day.

      You two were among ones who have received the offer of a place – we look forward to seeing you, Klaus, in Victoria in July and we are sorry that you Costa could not actually take up the place offered to you.

      As many people know, Richard does prefer to share Gene Keys teachings in smaller groups than the 2015 event in Sinaia. His live courses are very popular and many people are able to travel internationally, so pressure for physical places at Richard’s teaching events is likely to recur on future occasions.

      We are currently looking at possibilities for setting up a live access briefly on Saturday 29th July, so that people around the world might be able to connect in with participants at the Society Gathering.

      Ideas for the future also include exploring the viability of live streaming events. Our intent is indeed to co-create a Society culture that is inclusive. For this reason we will also share the template for our Society event with members afterwards, in case they wish to build on the experience in Victoria and use it for events in their own communities.

      We see inclusivity as as a distributed value for Society members and we welcome any who are able to contribute their technical skills and the inestimable gift of their open inclusive heart in service to the community.

      Love to you both and thanks to Olaf for making us laugh with his open gate  🙂

      Gene Keys Society


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      Klaus Oehr

      I appreciate the effort to be inclusive and allow Richard to be at his best.

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      All gates are open now for you and for me

      How we blend into each other’s symphony

      And your breathing sound is really beauty 🌾

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