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      This thread is started at the suggestion of SusanJoyGrieco!

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      Manu Mitra

      I just have a question. Although, I didn’t completely read all the information at Genekeys. But to continue with our goal; can we start something like publishing group. For example, publishing scientific journals and also we can expand as Honorary Society later as non profit organization?

      Does this sound something good or okay?


      Manu Mitra

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        Hi Dear @Manu Mitra,
        Thanks for your post, question and suggestion.
        It sounds very good and very familiar too!
        The Gene Keys Society has a project that’s been gathering momentum and is due for launch in 2019 called “Guilds.”


        This is a place where many members are focusing on gathering with intention to study, create and building specific projects, such as you mention.
        Please, take a look and let us know what you think!

        Warmest regards,

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