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      Casey Køerner


      I just wanted to say thank you to Richard and the team, I am resonating deeply and having a great time with the Golden Path, and I very much appreciate the opportunity.

      I have one issue I hope you can help me with –

      My wife and I have been studying astrology for years, and I’m trying to convince her that the golden path isn’t just a repurposing of astrology in a “new age way.”

      I know this isn’t the case, but if I can show her exactly how the chart is created, (the exact astrological placements in connection with the exact I Ching hexagrams) I know she’ll be as hooked as I am. I’m looking to find out how I can reverse engineer the hologenetic profile and find out how exactly how the astrological and I Ching dynamics are forming the chart.

      I would also like to share the Golden Path with my fellow astrologers, and I know they are going to ask this very question, and I won’t have an answer.

      I really appreciate it! Thank you, Casey

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      Hi Casey,

      Chetan Parkyn’s ‘Book of Lines’ gives the astrological positions of each Gate and Line (Gate is the Human Design name for Gene Key). Although the book is basically a Human Design approach to the I Ching, you will find the shadow, gift and siddhi qualities of each Gate as well.

      How the planets correlate with the spheres of the Golden Path you find in Richard’s books on the Activation, Venus and Pearl sequences, as I’m pretty sure you know.

      Hope that helps, Shantamo

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        Addition: I am actually not sure if Richard mentions all the correspondences. Here is a way to see them yourself:  get your Human Design Chart (there are many places on the web which provide it) and put it next to your GK profile. You will see which Gates and Gene Keys are the same. Anyway, here is the list, just to be complete:

        • conscious Sun = Life’s Work/ Brand
        • conscious Earth = Evolution
        • unconscious Sun = Radiance
        • unconscious Earth = Purpose
        • unconscious Moon = Attraction
        • conscious Venus = IQ
        • conscious Mars = EQ
        • unconscious Venus = SQ
        • unconscious Mars = Core Wound/Vocation
        • unconscious Jupiter = Culture
        • conscious Jupiter = Pearl
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      Hi Casey …

      the unconscious positions are calculated in a chart where the sun is exactly 88°00′ before her natal position (this will be about 88 days before your date of birth) … for calculating this chart you take the same place of birth as the real place of birth … if you download a free program to calculate HDS-charts (MMI for example) you’ll be given the date and time for the ‘design-chart’ … but you are also able to calculate time and day by playing with the astrological calculations …. may be also  interesting to look and explore the design-chart from an astrological point of view …

      the position of ‘Chiron’ is not part of the body-graph but is calculated in most of the HDS-programs


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      Casey Køerner

      Hi guys, thanks again for your help!!

      I just bought the “book of lines,”and still can’t understand how to connect the sphere/line info easily with my astrology chart.

      For instance, my Evolution Sphere is Gene Key 11, line 5.  You’re saying the placement is “unconscious earth,” which is in the period of Gemini, where I have as my sun and venus signs.  I don’t know how to connect “unconscious earth” to my astrology chart, or why the lines match with Gemini.

      I’m hoping you can show me exactly how this lines up with my astrology chart, and I can then reverse engineer the rest in the same way??  Thank you in advance!



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      Hi Casey …

      the Gene Key of the Evolution-Sphere is depending on your conscious Earth  (not unconscious Earth ) …

      the conscious  Earth is opposite to your sun in your birth chart … at  27°04′ Sage …

      the area between 22°37′ Sage and 28°15′ Sage is linked to the 11th Gene Keye …

      if you divide this area into 6 parts 27°04 Sage will be positioned in the 5th part …

      so you will have gene key 11 line 5 in your Evolution-sphere …

      Artur …

      ps … if you want to calculate an astrological chart for the unconscious positions you have to take 20.3.1979 06:53 am UT (GMT)

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      Casey Køerner

      Ohhh ok

      I think i’m getting it.  thanks

      That makes sense in terms of the Evolution Sphere…the evolution is understanding the sign opposite your own sun sign.  Can you explain what “conscious” and “unconscious” positions mean in HD?  Like conscious Mars, unconscious Venus, etc?  Conscious / unconscious Jupiter?

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      HDS  calculates with two charts:

      your socalled ‘Personality-chart’  that’s your birth-chart

      and your Design-Chart

      for example:  conscious Jupiter is the Jupiter of your birth-chart – 8°25′ Leo  – Gene Key 33.1
      unconscious Jupiter is the Jupiter of your Design-Chart:  29°04′ Cancer – Gene Key 56.3

      this is your Design-chart in an astrological picture (without houses)

      best wishes


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      Casey Køerner

      OK wow, thanks Chamuel

      This info is all brand new to me.  Didn’t know Gene Keys is built on the Human Design system…I was actually told to start there instead of studying Human Design first.  No wonder it’s confusing!

      Wondering if you can tell me why the unconscious Design system starts 88 degrees before birth?  Also, how did the hexagrams become arranged around the wheel in their specific order?

      thanks so for all of your time so far!!

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      Casey Køerner

      Also…is there a sight that can pull this chart for me?

      All I am able to find is the BodyGraph

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      upps … this was a doubled posting …

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      Hi Casey …

      you don’t need to study Human Design first in order to work with the transmission of the Gene Keys …

      but if you want to understand the technical basis of the calculations of the Gene Keys and the spheres in the Golden Path then you have to take a look at the human design system …

      if you download the free version of mmi – software (Maia Mechanics Software) there is a window above on the left side called ‘Info Paneel’ …

      there you can look for date and time for your design-chart … the chart itself you have to calculate with a common astro-program …

      I took Greenwich as your place of birth and GMT because I didn’t know the place of  your birth …

      I don’t know the exact reason for taking 88° difference of sun-position for the design-chart …

      there is an nice logic for how the hexagrams are arranged in the zodiac … I found it nowhere described but it’s quite easy to figure it out … try …

      best wishes

      Artur …

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      Casey Køerner

      Ok Awesome, this is a great direction, thanks again for your time

      Unfortunately it only works on PC, maybe I can find someone who has one


      If you happen to find out why there is an 88 degree difference, and why the hexagrams are placed the way they are please let me know!  You are exactly right…I’m looking for the technical basis for Human Design/Golden Path



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        Hi Casey …

        I’ll give you some hints for the arrangement of the hexagrams …

        start at Genekey 2 …. look at the hexagram … it represents a binary digit  …  take a broken line as ‘0’ and a line that is not broken as ‘1’


        GK 2 – 000000 … decimal value 0
        now take the next genekeys counterclockwise …
        GK 23 … 000001 …. decimal value 1
        GK 8 … 000010 – decimal value 2
        GK 20 … 000011 – decimal value 3
        GK 16 … 000100 – decimal value 4   etc.

        if you run clockwise from GK 2:

        GK 24 … 100000 … decimal value 32
        GK 27 … 100001 … decimal value 33
        GK 3 … 100010 … decimal value 34    etc.


        Artur …

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      Never saw it this way before Artur.

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