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      As we come to study our profiles, has anyone commented on the implications of duplicate numbers?

      The numbers themselves are of course significant and placement, however, any comments? Especially when one is hosting a duplication of the 40th Gene Key or the 55th Gene Key,

      WE are speculating in our study group, however, wondered if there might a definitive on this, so we don’t go off on a tangent assuming we have discovered the meaning/reason etc?  With thanks, Kathy Welter in Vancouver.

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      Midi Berry

      Hi Kathy

      I’d love to hear your group’s speculations!

      My own experience is that, when the same Key appears more than once in a chart, it amplifies its resonance and holographic effect within the whole. For example I have 32 purpose and culture with fourth and second lines respectively. These key positions have had and continue to hold intensity of meaning for both my inner and outer worlds. They offer me two similar and yet also different portals to a very marked 32 path and if I would relay my life story (don’t worry I’m not going to!) you would probably have no difficulty in seeing the connections. Placement does have an influence: I sense that  having a 32 culture both amplified and enabled me to access my (unconscious) 32 purpose more easily and quickly than I might have done with a different culture key.

      For me the only definitive answers that make sense emerge from personal contemplation of one’s own chart and journey. That said, I have yet to meet anyone who did not name their experience of duplicates as magnifying the effect of that key in their path.  Double the trouble in the shadows and twice the joy in gifts and siddhis?!

      You may remember from our BC gathering last July, Kathy, that the Society profile has two duplicates: 35 in Radiance and SQ and 5 in Purpose and EQ. We’ve certainly needed to live into our double gift of Patience, and life in the Society is quite some spiritual adventure!

      Do Divine Will and Freedom mean additional work and play for the host? Those who host them may well say yes. For me personally, valuing each key in its own light and in its unique contribution to the whole has much to recommend it.

      love to you all,



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      Thanks so much Midi, I’ll share with the study group and we’ll see how these are “affecting” the intensity in their lifes work. I have the 40th GK in the IQ & SQ and I have been dealing with Cancer since the age of 6 when a close friend of my mother, her 4 year old daughter had a brain tumour and died at age 8, I was 11. Then my Grandfather that same year, and an uncle a few years later. My mother died with Cancer when I was 21 and my father when I was 27, then I kind of crashed, and about 10 years later starting into Hospice work, where cancer was the prevalent disrupter of life.  So it’s been long-standing and now with my clients, generally – they have the 40th Gene Key in their profiles!  To me it’s the Exhaustion, my mother had, and my father, and I have struggled with it too, until this work – and now when I work with clients it’s to unravel their NEED TO BE DRIVEN TO THE END OF THEIR RESOURCES before they will stop.  They literally say to me “I just have nothing left to give”  – then they stop and theirs no capacity or even understanding about Receptivity. They really don’t want to look at that.  I wonder at the Collective Unconscious having this intensity for so many that are getting cancer, do they play themselves out like this too? And then the rest? are they more in line with Receptivity.

      One of the women in the Study Group has a duplication of the 55 GK and this has helped her ACCEPT her unique way of being in the world, like nothing else. She shared she finally GETS HERSELF, and her family can like it or not. That was SO revealing. She has the 59th GK too, and her 55’s are in the start of her Activation and her Pearl. 59 is in her Lifes purpose and Core –  I think contemplation will be the only way one can appreciate these nuances as they send little trails of energy along the synapses of awareness.


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      Is there anything written on the LINES? I saw one post, but have yet to have a definitive on their application and  it seems to shift with each area of the chart too.

      Thank you! Kathy

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      Midi Berry

      Hi again Kathy

      When you have duplications also mixed with programming partners, you can expect further amplification. Even when a programming partner does not appear directly in your profile, it will be felt.

      The lines are already written and described in great detail in the Golden Path, and the Ambassador Program is designed by Richard to deepen our understanding and embodiment of Gene Keys wisdom that we have already studied on  the GP. The same pattern holds for lines that predominate in a profile, and the lines not present can be as important.

      For myself, I find it’s useful to begin with a person and their unique journey. When starting out, I found it easy to become fixated on profiles and miss the territory for the map. I love that Richard encourages us to hold our profiles and the insights therein lightly and be ready to let them go! I love that freedom and the focus on people.

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      Hi Midi,

      Thanks for your insights here, fixated on the profile definitely happens, much appreciated.

      Loving thanks, K

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