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      Ron Johnson

      Is the Core/Vocation sphere no longer in the Venus Sequence? In the Profile it used to be half red and half blue named the Core with the line number description of the core. Now when I do a profile the sphere is named Vocation, it’s all blue and the line number description is of the Vocation. What changed?

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      Hello Dear Ron
      Thank you for your question about the Core/Vocation Sphere.
      Happy to say, it most certainly is still there and the basically all the same as its ever been.
      Sometimes that sphere is listed as a part of the Pearl Sequence and in that case and those keynote words would be related to the title “Vocation.”
      When it is contemplated as part of the Venus Sequence it is called “Core” or referred to as one’s Core Wound.
      When you work with the Golden Path Venus Sequence, the image and keynote descriptions of this sphere will all be about the Core.
      I have a feeling that the “all blue” aspect of this sphere as it appears on your personal profile might just be a temporary technical difficulty or oversight that is in the works for a fix as we update the website. I will check with the webmasters (which you and others can always inquire too by email to"> f that is the case, thanks so much for bringing that to our attention.
      It should be appearing half red and half blue.

      Does that help in your understanding?
      Feel free to inquire anytime…love to hear from you!

      Warmest regards and blessings….
      So glad to be on this journey together!
      Maureen Momo
      Welcome Team

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      Judy Tancinco

      Thanks for this clarification — I was wondering the same thing

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