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    The Society acts as a natural attractor field for people drawn to participate in an intentional community that embodies Gene Keys principles and grounds the transmission in practical acts of service. At the end of 2017 the Custodial Council initiated a Community Council Project Team, whose brief was to explore the potential for directly involving all community members in Society decision-making, in ways that embody Gene Keys teaching.

    Community Council Project Team: Throughout the first half of 2018, a small international team of volunteers came together to explore what governance needs the Gene Keys Society might have going forward, as its membership begins to increase exponentially, to ensure the voices of the membership are heard throughout the organisation.

    In a world where we are witnessing a collapsing of archaic political structures around the globe, the futures of leadership & governance are in deep mutation, providing quite a challenge to balance the Idealism (GK11) of our potential with the Realism (GK60) of our current root stock that we must accept, embrace and grow from.

    This potent exploration, which the team did a great job of initiating, requires more time and greater community involvement. If this is something you are passionate about, join the conversation here and help co-create our governance model for an omni-centric Gene Keys community!

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    Linda Albright

    This sounds like the most valuable conversation going on on the planet today. Thank you.

    (And personally, I am very sorry for the “contribution” America is making to this dialogue. Perhaps we are here to catalyze MASSIVE CHANGE SOON. Living in the US is extremely turbulent right now. Phew).

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      Mark Bentley

      To be honest Linda, I think America is making a MASSIVE contribution to the dialogue by provoking the spirit of the collective to step up and take responsibility for our communities, rather than rely on big daddy government to rule the roost. 🙂

      I hear ya on the turbulence. The whole planet is having their governance structures shaken up at the moment. Over here in Australia we have elections coming up and the political parties constantly falling apart and prime ministers swapping early every round.

      Looking forward to more engagement together over this topic. 😀

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        Linda Albright

        Thank you Mark. It’s “good” I suppose to see this in a larger context, a bigger viewpoint – something is seriously shaking out in the collective – if we live long enough to see it! Thx for being on the journey.

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    Linda Albright

    Also, as a life-long entrepreneur, I find myself restructuring how we run our company, which has global reach. We’re inviting clients/alums to become foot soldiers in our efforts (we’re in the transformation biz, like so many), and we’re watching the GK Collaborative closely and trying to emulate the self organizing/omni centric philosophy. In a world of hierarchy, heterarchy is rare and there are so few models. I’d love to hear about other entities who are restructuring as well. The Assemblage in NYC? Anywhere else? Thanks.

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      Mark Bentley

      Holocracy is one of the main forms that have gained solid traction out there, and one of the biggest corporate bodies that have made a name for themselves with it is Zappos!

      I actually only just discovered that they have now set up a blog to share their learnings along the way.

      One of the keys that I have taken from my time playing with these systems in volunteer organisations, is that it is absolutely vital to stay grounded in the 60th gift of Realism, and move slowly but steadily into this style of organisation. It seems to require a certain level of self-awareness, and training to ensure the right mindset of all those involved.

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        Hi Mark,

        Why do you reply to Linda using information that came to you in a post I sent the day before? It looks to me like you try to put yourself one step up in a kind of hierarchy of attention, because this way your words end up higher up on the page. The Zappos blog exists since a long time, they are trailblazers in implementing holacracy in the business world. The 60 is mentioned in the initial post, that seems to indicate ‘I think the same as you’ to the custodial council (the ‘authority’). What role are you playing? I ask you to take a sincere look.

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        Hi Mark,

        Obviously, your posts trigger something in me. I am following that trail in me now. Still I stand by my question, even if the tone of it is sharp and maybe hurtful to you. In that case, apologies for the tone.

        And, I trust my intuition that something is out of tune. I have entered the Delta process in position 5; so that one is my focus for seven weeks. I see one of its aspects as: doing the dirty work of keeping the group energy clean. I actually enjoy it. This presupposes that my own motivations are clear. Missed something there…

        Now I wonder what you would really like to contribute to the circle. If my sense is right, you could have something valuable and essential to share, which your behavior covers up.

        My perceptions may also be wrong. It happens from time to time. In any case, I look forward to your answer.

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        Mark Bentley

        So I have just found my way back to this thread and to be bluntly honest, your post here Shantamo hit me hard and stung. The level of lack of trust that is around the community right now has shocked me and I am still finding my feet. That being said, I am beginning to understand more of its nature, and where it is coming from. Richard just shared a video on this transformational process, and it brought me some consolation.

        Im feeling mixed emotions right now. Im angry, Im bitter and im scared.

        For most of my life I have held back quietly, been a people pleaser and restrained my leadership capacity. As a 5/1 Projector on the cross of masks (7,13,23,43) I can tell you it has taken me a lifetime to get to the point where I can stand forward now and be part of leadership. But the paranoia of getting burnt on the cross is still in my bones, and it is not so easy to shake off… and its projections such as the one in your post that are the smaller aspects of what I am scared of, but I know the further I lean into my natural role and explore it, Im going to make mistakes along the way, and when I do, there will be harsh reactions I need to be ready for.

        So for what its worth, thank you for tickling my deepest wounding. Its a great time to purge that sucker and clean it up. I can assure you, my every day life is a constant contemplation around my own role and shadows Shantamo.

        In regards to your actual message. I was a part of the Community Council Project Team and I wrote that copy to capture the quintessence of our findings for the upcoming annual report, and it was approved by the other team members. It was not written by the Custodial Council, simply shared by Midi under that guise.

        If you want further confirmation of that, somewhere I have a webinar from about 2 years ago dedicated to the balance of Realism & Idealism. It is a deep part of my life.

        In regards to zappos and holocracy comment, I honestly couldnt give a shit where I am on the heirarchy Shantamo, nor have I even used these forums long enough to know thats what would happen. In fact, Id rather not be on it at all and off living a happy life with my son, but with the world the way it is right now, if we don’t all pull together and bring some change and stop bickering about the small stuff, then I won’t be able to do that anyway. In fact, I think if you look at your comments below, I actually was asking to learn about YOUR experience with it, that you have not replied to.

        I have spent 2 years now in deep exploration of governing mechanisms, systems, and structures etc. I helped set up and run the Flux Party ( for our West Australian elections 2 years ago, presenting a decentralised method for governance that is blockchain based (SecureVote), provides absolute transparency, while protecting the individual’s privacy, and allows for the removal of politicians themselves. I have had to pull back my contributions there due to needing to care for my family needs first. Flux are now currently in training for holocracy and implementing that as the best solution currently ready to implement for our next federal election.

        Last year I was contracted to Bali, where I was working for a company called Dreem, a For Benefit company, to help set up the foundations for a new organisational structure based on the work of Frederic Laloux and his concept of Teal Organisations. These are purpose-driven organisations that DO contain a deep spiritual element.

        What I learned very quickly, was to aim too high and idealistic in governance without a solid grounding in Realism, leads to flakey constructions, wasted precious resources, and dissatisfaction. I personally feel the need to have our hearts aimed towards Synarchy, but our eyes on the ground and acknowledging where we are at collectively NOW, and create a plan for how we can govern with the absolute most minimal of structures and rules, yet keep the vision and those within it safe.

        I hear what you are saying in your further posts about the rebellious nature, and appreciate that, I appreciate DEEPLY that you actually have the courage to say what you were feeling here, and not keep it repressed and behind the scenes. Im tired of people doing that, Im tired of doing it myself.

        So for that… again, Thank you Shantamo.

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        Thanks for your reply Mark, I appreciate it highly. I had the feeling it had touched you. It was the lack of background information that provoked my distrust, which I do not want to deny anymore in favor of appearing to be the good guy. I think it can serve the collective in some way, though I definitely need to learn to express it in a way that does not hurt people individually. I am sorry it did that to you.

        Midi provided context in her mail, now you have made the picture more full. Hierarchies seem to be part of life whenever people get together; how they can evolve into synarchies is a big part of this conversation, I think. Perhaps there is something natural in a hierarchy, when it is based on merit. At least that is when I can feel at ease with them. In this thread, I had the feeling that there was more in the scenery that what I could see on stage, and I am happy it came out. I guess your intention could well have been to keep the conversation open by not mentioning more of the context.

        As for sharing more of my experience with holacracy, I think that belongs to a later stage in this conversation. I would also like to hear others’ experience with new ways of governing. In the MKP International Circle, we tried to meld Frederic Laloux and the Teal scale with holacracy. We did not get beyond a conceptual stage. I would be curious how it worked for you on Bali.

        Regards, Shantamo

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        Mark Bentley

        Im with you all the way on the not appearing to be the “good guy” and I support that process wholeheartedly. As you probably noticed in my reply, I am going through a similair journey with it Shantamo, so how perfect for us to spark up and make some fireworks together eh? 😉

        Thank you for receiving it the way you did. THIS is what I love about the Gene Keys work, that at the heart of it, it encourages us all to own our self-responsibility to deal with our own shadows, while learning over time how to do that and still dance with others in life as gracefully as possible.

        Your a beautiful man Shantamo, and I trust you more than ever now. 🙂

        Ps. To be honest, there was no intention really, I had just seen Midi had opened this thread and jumped on to support getting the energy moving. Which worked quite beautifully in getting the fire started for the conversation. 😀 Gotta love the way the transmission weaves.

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        Thanks for your gracious reply, Mark. I’ve enjoyed the fireworks as well, and I trust you now. My heart feels lighter 🙂

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        Linda Albright

        Mark, I appreciate this…and I am seeing that this whole string has gotten spicey! 😉

        Reading on now…

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    Ready to join this conversation/project in any form it presents itself. Had some experiences in introducing holacracy, a model of heterarchy, in the ManKindProject, a men’s movement – with mixed results.

    love Shantamo

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      Mark Bentley

      Hey Shantamo! 😀
      Awesome. I would love to hear more about the mixed results? What were the positives and challenges you came up against?

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    I am also interested in this exploration <3

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    Chris Richards

    My sense is that different governance functions of the Gene Keys society are served by combinations of Gene Keys such as the codon rings so that the governance is built out of the transmission. Therefore certain gene keys and codon rings will regulate certain processes such as finances, legal, HR etc

    I’ve also found that Viable Systems Model by Stafford Beer (cybernetics) has stood the test of time and useful.



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      Mark Bentley

      Hey Chris,
      I have not come across Viable Systems Model before. Had a quick wiki of it, but dont have the time to explore as deep as I would like right now.
      Do you know of any organisations that are currently using this model?
      Cheers for the input! 🙂

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      Hi Chris,

      Thanks for your contribution. I agree about the GKs, Codon Rings and transmission. The beauty and challenge of creating new governance (this word may need an update) structures attracts me to this conversation. I see systems like holacracy, viable systems model and others as inputs and inspirations from the world, which could mix with our own discoveries.

      Practically, at some point we would need to sit together (probably means Zoom together) with a circle and start exchanging – and, in some way, merging, I imagine.

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    Hi Sweet Friends,  I have begun muchly contemplating this subject and so to find it on our forum fills my heart with gladness and gratitude.I was going to post about this somehow!

    Just so you know, I chose these 3 siddhis as part of my covenant (3, 56 and 40) and added the 31st as a fourth to be ‘on the bench’ because it chose me in a serensynchronicitous way during the Romanian Venus retreat. ^^ And the 7th is very muchly close to my heart…

    Politically I would speak for  devoted efficacious compassionate anarchism and maybe we could coin a new word for our siddhic aspirations : Sanarchy :o) ?? 😀

    Regarding “re-structuring” I have been following the french “yellow vest” movement which is displaying extraordinary evolutionary potential for the world with gift – siddhic frequencies through some of it’s “spokepeople” (Etienne Chouard especially) as they (and we) begin a collective effort of co-creating  a restructuring of the french constitution for true (instead of fake) democratic governance. A tool they are pushing for with all their hearts is the Referendum for Citizens Initiative in All Matters. Sortition is another. We could definitely adapt these to serve  our needs and desires and inspirations.

    Another is in practice the level of transparency we hope to embody can be facilitated through modern tech with recording/streaming of meetings for example, instead of them being behind closed doors.

    I found myself beginning to dream about the development of the Gene Keys Society and how our collective intelligence will manage this as we both grow in numbers and consciousness, as our ‘group heartmind’ emerges from the the cocoon of old encultured subconscious habits of relying on others  for guidance.

    I also find it essential to be aware and @linda Albright (such a beautiful name!!) mentioned so aptly the brutally deplorable ‘contribution’ the United States is making in the becomming of the world (and who is helping them!) and how catastrophic in all ways the situation is for so many people as a result.

    Another aspect we can contemplate is that (concentration of) power tends to drive people mad (unbalances them) and this is a risk in our beloved community too!

    I am in the middle of house building and certainly plan to have more time to devote to our beautiful society,

    Thanks for considering this… looking forwards to your thoughts!

    With Love in all directions xoxo


    PS @rosy Aranson ❤️

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    Midi Berry

    Hi everyone

    So happy to join this conversation.

    I notice Shantamo inviting role reflection and feel to follow his lead by declaring my own position, since I have played a social role here already, as secretary to the Custodial Council, and am speaking now from a personal identity as midi.

    For role clarity and for any who don’t know, Janitrix is the collective role login identity for the Custodial Council. I used it to issue this invitation to conversation in advance of it appearing in the Society’s Annual Report (in process of compilation). This login is for any of the five Custodial Council Members who want to speak up in the website in the name of the council.

    If it seems useful to the conversation at any time to share Custodial Council history/information/respond to questions addressed to the Custodial Council, I’ll probably use that login identity again and/or invite my fellow council members to respond.

    I’m much more interested to drop the social role and any positional authority it may (and may not!) be perceived as having, and join the conversation in my personal identity as midi. I’m a 2:4 natural hermit, recovering rescuer, and serial responder to the conch call of community! My 32.4 purpose and 32.2 culture give me an historical and evolutionary perspective and bias.

    From my personal perch, I’m excited to see the diversity of themes already appearing. These are what I’m resonating with in the moment:

    –     What role/s am I/we playing here (just spoken to that!)

    –     What’s happening in America – and its influence in world community – i tend to be with Mark in seeing the positives. I’m privileged to be in intimate relationship with the US as a non-US citizen (so perhaps not feeling the guilt?) living in California. Immigrated 9/08/2001, and within a week of arrival was watching in stupefaction as some of my freedom-loving friends surrendered their political authority in the moment without a whimper in the face of that outside attack on their own soil. I’m living here for a second time ( first time in 70’s Oregon during Bicentennial for two years when I fell unreservedly in love with America and her West Coast). As a July baby myself, I feel attuned to America’s July 4th beating heart. And have deep trust in her awake and politically astute young people that I see emerging onto the national stage in the wake of Parkland (67 state gun laws passed within one year thanks to their initiatives, folks, look at what’s already happening on the ground of this amazing country!). I remain convinced of this nation’s capacity to become her best self and grow into the shoes of beautiful global adulthood when she completes her Pluto return…

    –    Hierarchy/heterarchy in Gene Keys. What excites me especially about our Gene Keys community is:

    • we have a common language in this beautiful, magical Gene Keys transmission which demonstrably transcends national and cultural boundaries
    • I love, love, love the amazing people I get to hang with!
    • I read the transmission speaking to a both / and world: allowing for hierarchy within heterarchy and heterarchy within hierarchy…

    –    Systems thinking and applications in organisations. I met systems thinking first through encounter with Stellenbosch University’s Futures group in the early 90’s hen I wore many hats in South Africa to help a peaceful transition of power. I remain particularly respectful to the work of the Biomatrix group, and wonder if/how it can become more accessible in the mainstream

    –    Power in Gene Keys community/ Gene Keys collective heart/mind. Ah, Victoire, beloved Findhorn room-mate. Yes to the yellow vests and all other grass roots citizen initiatives. How exciting to hear what is happening in France, my adoptive land for 18 year of the last century. I feel when we at grass roots move beyond fist shaking and demonising of an old guard who also believe that god/dess is on their side, we are all on the move together! What a great idea to look at what these new constitution initiatives can teach us.

    –    Governance built out of the transmission. Codon rings? Yes, yes, yes. This has me on the edge of my seat and excited to participate in a collective Zoom gathering!

    –   Delta – loved to see it named here. Personally feeling the power of this gift from angelic realms to bring collective consciousness and higher frequencies to our community.

    Love to us all and the continuing conversation. 🔑🎶💛


    PS thanks to Mark, one of the lovely Community Council Project Team and their sometimes scribe: I feel you picking up responsibility to further the dialogue here and so appreciate you for it. 💋


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    Brian Goetsch

    Hi everyone,

    I’m new to the community and feeling called to join the conversation in my personal identity as Brian,  Please let me know how I can become involved as a community member and social collaborator.  I am a 3/5 Projector with 58.3 Life’s Work and 57.5 SQ.

    Peace, love, and warm regards!



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      Mark Bentley

      Hey Brian!
      Welcome to the conversation and the community!

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    Linda Albright

    Wow. What a fantastic conversation that transpired while I wasn’t looking. Thank you for the heterarchy/holocracy references – as a 1/3 generator w a 45.1 Life’s work, I am digging this and appreciate the tips re where to dig further.

    …and the journey continues…

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      Mark Bentley

      I love your spirit Linda and the exquisite use of the term “digging this”. 😀 hehe

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    Linda Albright

    And one last question, if you don’t mind: what is the difference between holacracy and heterarchy?

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    @ Linda – Holacracy is a form of heterarchy, as far as I understand. In it, everyone has responsibility for their own field of work, and at the same time is part of one or more circles. Decisions are taken in these circles, which can have a hierarchy between them. When this forum takes a more concrete form, I could give a short overview of the system, and of my experience with it.

    @ Midi – Thank you for your including post. With ‘including’ I mean that it gives value to all contributions. Among other things, it makes me appreciate Mark’s way of expressing.

    At present, I seem to be in a kind of rebellious role – I see my 57.4 IQ at play, a teenage voice that questions and provokes. I feel it is of some service to the community, and so I do my best to let it come out in a mature and supportive way, with varying degrees of success. My Life’s Work is the 64.1, with 5.3 as my purpose. Learning to be patient…

    For six years I worked as a volunteer in the ManKind Project (MKP), a men’s movement which aims to initiate men. I helped to found the Swiss section of it, and afterwards became a member of the international council. I see the Gene Keys face similar questions as MKP: how do we govern ourselves in a time of expansion? Probably also: how to deal with the increasing administration work which expansion brings? Can we rely on voluntary work or will some people be paid? And with that we are solidly in the sphere of Realism – income, allocation of resources, evaluating results – is all still in tune with the vision?

    To create structures that allow as much light from the vision (Siddhis, Gifts, Delta, contemplation, …), in the day-to-day tasks and meetings – this is why I am in this forum. Can power be in the service of love, and in alignment with spirit? The question wakes me up at night, literally. Having said that, I am open to wherever this circle moves.

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      Linda Albright

      Thank you @shantamo.

      As a scarred veteran of an internet company – lol – I am/we are seeking new ways to “do business.” I seem to be up close and personal with the old Matrix ways that don’t work and that are boring and trite, and am hungry for ways that do work. Some days I wish I could go back to sleep – alas my Shadow of Vanity GK 12 at work here – as I see colleagues dishing up the same old slop. Betwix and between we are. I appreciate the conversation greatly. Kudos for being on the leadership front.

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        Same old slop was part of the MKP experience too. I got some scars out of that one. In men’s circles, we consider our scars signs of honor: the battles we fought, victories and defeats…
        To bring new ways of governance into the worlds is walking new paths, with falling and getting up again. I took a break from it after the men’s work, and here I am again 😉
        At present I am halfway in the Delta, a 7-week exploration of shared consciousness in a group of seven. I am enthusiastic and my inner regulator already says: ‘Everyone who wants to be in a leadership position has to go through the Delta’. Decision-making could well go better when we understand and experience the collective spirit of the group/company, which is higher than what each individual can muster. It requires trust and a ‘yes’ to something greater from each person; it is not really about making deals, as I perceive it.
        Whether that would work in a business environment, is an open field, possibly a commercial gamble. That ‘something greater’ may well have a power of its own, also on the material level. I don’t know.
        Holacracy does not include a spiritual aspect, it is method of governance, more or less value-neutral.
        I see you in a position in the business world where a chance could happen. It touches me.

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    Linda Albright

    Thank you so much @shantamo. I too am in a Delta, and it is exquisite. I hadn’t realized that holacracy does not include a spiritual component, and I hadn’t quite drawn the connections from the Delta to the business world. Now it seems so obvious! Thank you for pointing out that valuable piece and for your very kind words.

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    Pam DeLeo

    Appreciating this complex and delicate conversation about important next governance steps in our world at large and for our GKs evolution.

    I am constantly asking myself to find ‘kind and courteous’ first in difficult communications or wait, and with a 6.3 radiance among many pieces, this seems imperative.

    Thanks to all. With love.

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    Following the topic.

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    Anna Miller

    Good Morning Everyone,

    Thank you for the invitation.  I am a new voice here and inspired to join the conversation.  Here in Austin, Texas we are experimenting with a Holocracy is our technology services business.  Just a small (18 team members/1250 clients) but stable business that’s been around since 2003.  I did a happy dance when I read the GK’s Annual Report and realized GKs is on a similar path.

    The three S’s: Synthesis (The Teaching), Synarchy (The Community) and Syntropy (The Service Hub) have a deep resonance for me and I recognize that we are exploring this ideal within our business structure. I am sensing an opportunity to combine the deep organizational development wisdom that runs through the GK community, along with the Delta and Star Pearl forms as foundational pieces for the emerging “New Organizations” of our time.

    It’s  a dream come true for me to find this community. I am so happy to participate, share, explore and grow with all of you.  I’m deeply grateful to be part of this emerging new world we are dreaming in and co-creating.  Ready to play the game with you all in complete service to the whole – to the best of my ever evolving capacity.

    Love, Anna

    P.S. Shall we plan a Zoom Call?

  • #43904


    Hi Anna,

    It was inspiring to read your post. I support your idea of a Zoom call. I have been sensing that the time for that is getting ripe. I would love to hear from the others in this conversation, especially from the initiators – Mark, Midi and others of the ‘Janitrix entity’ – how they feel about it.

    I can provide my Zoom space, if needed. It supports up to a 100 people, that should be enough for now.

    <3 Shantamo


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    Midi Berry

    Hello Anna @anna-miller, Shantamo @shantamo and others speaking here. (@sarani and @PamDeLeo hooray to see you here!)

    Lovely to meet you Anna, and apologies to you and all for my delay in responding, especially when named here in Shantamo’s recent message. I’ve been travelling overseas pretty solidly since the end of April and finally returned home less than a week ago. Still catching up now on inbox and various forums!

    I would personally welcome and feel ready to participate in a zoom call to continue the Community Council conversation. I suggest that members of the Society Core Team and Custodial Council might also be advised of the meeting – even perhaps be specifically invited to attend? – in addition of course to all members interested and participating in this thread. A note might also be placed in the Ambassador thread?

    As of May 31st, I am no longer a member of either of the two main Society governance teams (Core Team and Custodial Council), having resigned my role as steward/secretary to the Council (and this my link role on the Core Team) at the end of three years service. However, I do still enjoy happy relations with their members and can initiate an invitation, if others here are in agreement. I’m guessing that, if we can find a suitable date and time for members participating in this thread that also does not clash with other pre-arranged meetings, we might be able to make use of the Society’s zoom room.

    As far as I can see, we already have a lot of time zones represented in the thread, so finding an appropriate time and date for us all may involve an element of sacrifice for some! In this regard, I’m pretty flexible and willing to stretch myself, although I tend to wake very early and am not always so comfortable with late night meetings since I tend to remain in overdrive afterwards and miss a night’s sleep altogether! I’m in Pacific Daylight Time.

    Excited to see where this may lead!

    love to all ❤️🎶🌈


  • #44901


    Dear Midi,

    I am happy to hear from you. I was thinking of this thread just this morning and here is your response 😉.

    I agree with your suggestion to invite members of the Society Core Team and Custodial Council. About placing a note in the Ambassadors’ thread I have no clear yes or no. Perhaps others have that (which I would welcome).

    I look forward to more voices about this.

    With love,


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      Midi Berry

      Thanks Shantamo. I’m listening for more voices too! And inviting a steer around when people might feel ready for a zoom call…

      Since the conversation thread has now magically appeared within the Ambassador Circle page, maybe there is no need for an additional note?



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    Anna Miller

    Hello Midi and Shantamo,

    Please forgive my delayed response.  Life has given me a pretty big Leela in the world of business and technology.  The emergency phase is coming to an end and I’m surfacing for air.

    Midi, I will follow your direction on this as you have the history.  It does sound like the first zoom will be most successful if it includes all people that currently hold a formal role.  It might also be helpful to know what roles are open.  If you are stepping down did you already identify a successor or does it return to governance?  I am aware the community of Gene Keys is in a big transition and I have lots of patience for the process.  My intention here is to be available with my gifts in service where I can make an inspired contribution.   With that said, I’d like to get deeply in touch with the vision for what’s next and then we can begin to look at the process and flow of the community activities in relationship to the vision and direction of the fractal.

    Love, Anna

    P.S. Shantamo, I remember being a break out group with you somewhere along this journey.  I still feel that deep connection with your heart that day.  We are on sacred territory as we create this new form of community.  I feel inspired that you are in the conversation.  Even though I don’t know the content and story of your life.  Your vibration is lovely and I am glad to be getting to know you.

    • #45276

      Mark Bentley

      Good morning beautiful beings!
      It seems we have all been surfing the waves of grace through these times. I have only just realised these posts were here thanks to you Midi! 🙂

      A lot has been in transformation, mutating along the way since this thread was started, and I have been very honest with my own process and had to step down from my position on the Core Team as I refocussed all of my energy now on establishing my own business in offering coaching and workshops.

      It became very clear that I had been offering my support from an empty cup over the last years, and this was taking energy quietly from my personal life. Not just with Gene Keys, but also Flux and every other invite that came my way and lead to this hungry projector getting addicted to the recognition before I was actually ready to wield it. 😉 haha

      I would love to be on this call if I am able, although I cannot commit my energy to the process and would be more in the role of witness and inspiration for now. You have my absolute blessing to go ahead organising the call without consideration of my timezone, as Perth being +8gmt is usually the one that causes the most challenge.

      I will look forward to tuning into the divine story as it plays out and am always here supporting where I can. 🙂

      Ps. Anna Miller, your contributions above have been a delight to read, and feel your presence in this group will be invaluable and gratefully received.

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    Midi Berry

    Hi everyone

    Thanks so much for the offer of your zoom room, Shantamo. Seems like there is a quorum among us interested to meet.

    I’ve set up a to see if we can find a mutually convenient zoom meeting date. Here’s the link:

    Please feel free to share with anyone you know who may be interested to participate in the conversation. I’m not very technically competent with Doodle, as will probably be evident to you all! I selected the week of September 2-8 as a starting place and blocked out possible meeting times for each day (I think!) between 10am – 3pm Pacific time.

    These may not work for you in your time zone or personal circumstance. If you can manage a particular day but none of the time frames offered, can you write what would work for you in a comment? And, if that week doesn’t work for you, perhaps you can offer an alternative?

    My personal time frame is very flexible , but I’m going to find it difficult to meet in July and August. And I’ll be travelling again from September 22nd until early October.

    Our experience with Delta in the Society has been that finding a meeting date that works for all is an amazing exercise in consensus decision making, in and of itself, even with our amazing Delta support team helping to match time zones and focalise the process.  So I’m wishing us a fair wind and invoking the kind services of the meeting gods and goddesses in our support 😄🎶🔑

    Love to all.


    @lindawomenswealthrevolution-com , @terminallyserious, @shantamo , @elitsa , @chrisrichards , @victoire , @brian-goetsch , @pammy , @sarani , @anna-miller ,

  • #45425


    Thank you Midi! I invited my Romanian collegues to join if they want.


  • #45455

    Pam DeLeo

    Hello dear ones,

    Not sure i can join at that time as am scheduled to be out of town, so will see where the doodle lands.  I can be pretty flexible with time if i’m home.

  • #46270

    Midi Berry

    Dear friends

    Since setting up the Doodle and indicating my availability to meet in early September, life has intervened and I’m unlikely to be available at all to meet, at least for the foreseeable future. My husband has had a serious injury in a recent fall and needs my attention and care for the foreseeable future.

    Sorry to be letting go. I wish everyone a beautiful continuation fo this conversation.

    Much love to all


    @lindawomenswealthrevolution-com , @terminallyserious, @shantamo , @elitsa , @chrisrichards , @victoire , @brian-goetsch , @pammy , @sarani , @anna-miller @terminallyserious

  • #46304

    Anna Miller

    Good Morning Midi,

    Godspeed to you and your husband.  Thank you for your service.  If there is every anything practical I can do for you please ask.  It would be an honor to serve you.  I will be holding you in love and light as your journey through this unexpected event.



  • #46490


    Hi all. I’ll just say that I’m happy to be here, and I’ll follow this conversation. Thanks to all.

  • #46962

    Hello Dear Ones,
    Just flowing into this conversation now…
    Thanks to Jessica for the heads up and invitation to join this stream about CCC.
    Thanks to those of you who have been holding this conversation open and alive, these past months.

    I feel an ongoing CCC space to be entirely essential means to inquire, uphold and preserve our common values and principles, the transmission, the community and all we have developed over the past years as it continues serving the whole.
    Im happy to be here and notified as there are new posts and developments.

    Dear Midi, wishing you and Mark all blessings for healing and grace and trusting you’ll know and ask if there is anyway I can support…and that you’ll return to this CCC type conversation when time is ripe.

    Is there still interest in the mentioned zoom conversation?  Doodle poll?

    Much love all round!

    @lindawomenswealthrevolution-com , @terminallyserious, @shantamo , @elitsa , @chrisrichards , @victoire , @brian-goetsch , @pammy , @sarani , @anna-miller @terminallyserious

  • #47001


    Dear Momo and All,

    Honestly, I don’t know much about what Custodial Council mean or Community Counsil and how it function. I was just curious to follow this conversation and see if will bring me some new info or understanding. I am more interested to listen and understand.

  • #47220


    Hi Maureen, and all of you

    Thank you for your message. Let me too extend healing and blessings to Midi and her husband. May all be well.

    I see a purpose for this circle:

    To explore and share about different structures of governance, both from what we have learned about them and from our own experience.
    To contemplate on the Gene Keys touching on the subject – what comes out of our collective wisdom?
    To see if the outcomes could be applied in our own lives, and in (parts of) the Gene Keys organization.

    I would see this circle as offering possibilities of governance models, which can be taken up by whoever wants to.

    That’s just my idea of it, I am curious how you all see and feel it. I have a feeling that meeting and exploring this subject tunes into a field that is bigger than only the Gene Keys world. In other words, there could be a need for new ways of organizing. Whatever we contribute becomes part of that field.

    Finally, I sense more and more that all governance structures are essentially a way of meeting people, in a specific situation.

    Loving greetings to everyone, Shantamo , @terminallyserious, @elitsa , @chrisrichards , @victoire , @brian-goetsch , @pammy , @sarani , @anna-miller @terminallyserious

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