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      Hi guys

      I find I’m now constantly encouraging people to find out about genekeys and buy Richard’s main book on kindle (to start them off without too much expense) I’ve bought books for people too. How do I become an affiliate so that I could earn a commission ( just to pay for some of the time I’m spending with people supporting/directing them?)

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      Hello Dear Noel,

      Great to meet you and hear how natural it is for you to share the Gene Keys with friends.

      There are two ways I am aware of to become an affiliate who earns commissions.
      One is to complete the Golden Path online course (go to Courses tab in the Teaching area of the Gene Keys site).
      The other is to join the Gene Keys Ambassador program (click on Ambassadors tab in main menu above).
      I’d be happy to answer any further questions you may have about these two ways.

      There may be other ways as well but those are the only two that I know of at the moment.
      Blessings aplenty!

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      I’ve actually taken another path Maureen, the old skool one of buying the books and working off line.

      Many things are changing in my life.

      I’ve taken a step back from how I’ve earned my money in the past to give myself more time to tap into new ways of learning including how the brain works and developing its neuroplasticity.

      Through working with the Venus sequence I’ve seen some of the ways I relate to my partner and my son and am bringing more mindfulness to my responses to create an even  more loving relationships.

      I’m totally clear about my life mission and am steadily drawing the people to me who have expertise to support my Pearl sequence.

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        Thanks for the lovely update dear Noel.
        May you continue to find many blessings along the way!

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      do we have to purchase all 3 sequences of the Golden Path to qualify to be an affiliate?

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        Hello Dear Trinity,

        Thank you for your interest and inquiry here.
        As I understand it, it is best to complete all three sequences and an aspect of the Pearl Sequence is an invitation to become an affiliate with Gene Keys Publishing (GKP).

        I actually do not know whether there is a “have to” about anything regarding your voyage with the Gene Keys or Golden Path.
        If you would like more definitive answer, it’s likely you can receive one by asking the administrators of the GKP affiliate program at">

        Blessings and Love along the Way,

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