Art Inspired by Gene Key 64

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    Elijah Parker

    Reply and Add Your Favorite Artistic Contemplation for Gene Key 64

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    When I wrote this text I had the feeling the Gift of Imagination showed itself for the first time in my life. My conscious Sun is in Gene Key 64 and I was busy inside with a question about the potential of a relationship. The ‘answer’ actually happened in the following year.


    sailing by the stars

    when all arguing

    in glaring midday sun

    has come to naught

    still we move on


    a gentle voice

    calls from afar

    we close our eyes

    and find it in our heart


    now here we are

    sailing by the stars


    the waves they lap

    we take the helm in turn

    we gently rock

    our longings have been burned

    a teaching comes

    but who is left to learn?


    we fold our hands

    and turn them to a cup

    the light descends

    the ocean opens up

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    Patricia O'Neill

    I hold the 64 in my radiance, unconscious, this pom reveals how it can manifest in ones life. Thank you!



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