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Below are some of our Frequently Asked Questions and areas for Support. If you do not find the answer you seek among our FAQs, we invite you to post your question in the forum below.

We encourage members to share questions and invite responses openly, since others may be interested to read and contribute their own ideas and suggestions too. However, if you prefer to ask privately, send the Welcome Team a message using the contact form to the right, or attend one of our weekly community calls on Zoom or request a one to one live call.  We look forward to hearing from you!

Use this forum to ask questions and raise any concerns, including any difficulties with Society website page access. Please label your thread with a short and simple description of your question or issue. And also please note that our Society team does not handle issues relating to your Gene Keys product purchases from Gene Keys Publishing Ltd. For all product purchase customer support you need to send an email to’

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I use this site?

The Welcome Tent is the best way to get oriented in how to use this site and its many tools and resources. Watch the Introduction and Orientation video on the welcome tent home page, and get answers to questions regarding forums, social profiles, and all of the many Member Resources and Tools available through the Gene Keys Society. You may also enjoy becoming a member of the Society’s open public group on Facebook, Gene Keys Global, which complements the Forums here on the website.

What are Gene Keys Ambassadors?

A Gene Keys Ambassador is a creative catalyst whose role is to embody and host the wisdom of the Gene Keys transmission. The Society’s Ambassador Circle has opened to First Wave Ambassadors who completed initiation from the end of 2018. If you are already sharing the Gene Keys in the world, or are interested in finding out more about the next Ambassador Initiation in 2019, you can complete a form here

Ambassadors range from those who host events, create products, offer Gene Keys related services, or simply want to share the Gene Keys to new audiences.

We aim to build on the genius, experience and enthusiasm already alive in our Gene Keys community. Your input may play a vital role in co-creating coherence. Thank you!

What is the Hall of Guilds?

The Hall of Guilds is that part of our Society which is being developed to host formal groups created for specialised Gene Keys study and philanthropic practice. Gene Keys Society Guilds are collective hubs of excellence and exploration based upon geographical location or specific projects and themes.

The notion of Guilds of excellence and learning is an ancient one. Here in the Gene Keys Society we strive to serve a vision of a better world and the Guilds are a means for us to bring that into physical manifestation. Guilds exist for a purpose beyond the immediate needs of their members. They allow us to gather together in groups, either within cultures or across cultures – for the purpose of exploring and extending our understanding of the Gene Keys and applying that understanding to solve real world issues.

You can find more information here, including a video by Richard Rudd explaining the concept of Gene Keys Guilds. And if you would like to start a Guild yourself, you can complete and submit the form describing your ideas.

What is the Dare to be Divine Webinar Series and where do I find it?

The Dare to Be Divine series by Richard Rudd is moving to This course will be available for purchase by Gene Keys Publishing. Society members who subscribed before September 2018 will retain free access to the course.

What is the Delta Fellowship?

The Delta is a dance of time, music and light using the seven subtle bodies of seven players over the course of seven days and seven weeks.

The Delta Fellowship represents many things. It is an advanced gift from another realm beyond our current evolution. It is, as you will see if you sign up to play, both a healing tool and a game we need to learn to play increasingly as a species. It brings another dimension into our daily lives, without displacing our many physical and emotional commitments. Its true power lies in the effects it will have upon our inner lives, which in turn are creating our very future.

Make no mistake; by engaging to play this game, you will be altering your own future! You will be choosing to align yourself to a higher stage in your own evolution, which can only bring you increased health and wealth at all levels of your life.

The Delta Fellowship has been trialled by teams in Bulgaria, Romania, Scotland and the USA. The Society is now involved in final testing and building on these early experiences to create support resources for Deltas, which will open for Society Members during 2019.

How can I become an official translator for Gene Keys in my mother language?

If you wish to translate the Gene Keys book or any of the teaching materials, you need to apply to Gene Keys Publishing to become an official translator partner.  Here are the requirements:

We require that all translators have read through the Gene Keys book, are fully engaged with the Golden Path Program and have already spent at least 2 years in personal contemplation. This is because an embodied experience of the teachings is essential to understand the nuances of Richard’s carefully chosen language.

Now the Society’s Ambassador Initiation has launched, we require that all Translation Partners are Ambassadors, who sign up to relevant agreements and commit to embody the values and principles of the Gene Keys Society.

You will need to provide translated text for us to share with mother language experts, to assess their quality and fit. We are looking for something that goes beyond a literal translation of the English words, and captures the full spirit and essence of the Gene Keys.

Translation of the main Gene Keys book is licensed by the publisher, Watkins Media. Once we have checked several translated chapters and are happy with the quality of the translation, we then recommend to Watkins which translator we want to do the work. Please note that Watkins have their own requirements in addition – and this includes things like having an established and appropriate publisher lined up by you. In a few rare cases (where the language market is very small and/or there is no reasonable chance of getting an established publisher on board)), Watkins may consider self-publishing. The contract with Watkins is a standard publishing contract – and it usually involves about 10% of your sales coming back to Watkins as royalties.

Translation of all other Gene Keys materials is handled by Gene Keys Publishing. We offer a fair and fixed repayment to you for your publishing work by way of deferred payment – taken as a % of sales for the materials you translated in your language. So, for example, if you are the translation partner for the Romanian language and you translate the Golden Path Program for us – then we will pay you back a fixed % from all sales of the Golden Path Program in Romanian – until we have paid off the fixed amount in full. All sales must go through our website shop – though if you also have your own website, you can discuss with us putting a mirror image from our shop page onto your website – just for your own language.

The Society currently hosts a Multilingual Matters Team: a support network that encourages excellence in the work of existing Translators, Self-Publishers and Mother Language Website hosts. If you are interested to be considered as a future member of this team, please send a message to the Society, telling us your mother language and anything in relation to your experience of translating and publishing as well as your experience with Gene Keys that you feel may be relevant. Use the contact form at Contact Us.

What is Synarchy?

Synarchy is the universal principle through which collective intelligence naturally aligns itself in perfect harmony with the cosmos. Synarchy is the underlying nature of humanity that can only be known once it has emerged from the Shadow frequencies. As the new collective consciousness dawns all across our planet, so humanity will self-organise its creative genius and manifest the true higher purpose hidden in its DNA – to bring about an age in which humanity attains a lasting state of peace and harmony. In the Gene Keys Synthesis ‘The Synarchy’ is a term which also refers to the global community in which the principle of synarchy will first take root, before it spreads over many generations to the whole of humanity.

Richard Rudd writes extensively about Synarchy in his books and free materials. You will find free resources in the Living Library if you search on Synarchy in  the Teachings area of our multi-website.

What if I'm having difficulty working with my Shadows?

Try bringing more of a focus to the Gifts and Siddhis in your Profile. This should have an immediate effect. Richard Rudd encourages people to spend no more than ten per cent of their time and energy focusing on shadow. 

And congratulations for having found yourself in the right place at the right time! By joining the Gene Keys Society, you’ve become part of a community working and playing together to transform our personal and collective Shadow frequencies!

What does it actually mean to transform your Shadows? How do you do it?

Begin with a Gene Key. The best at the beginning is to take your Life’s Work. Read it, think about it. Look for the Shadow in the world. See it at work in the world. Then apply it to your inner life. How does it show up? What is your personal response to it? How does it make you feel? You needn’t make yourself tense. Just observe. Then just hold the energy of that Shadow and contemplate it. The next time you feel uncomfortable – maybe physically, maybe emotionally, maybe mentally, think how that Shadow might be responsible. Apply your intellect to the problem. Apply your imagination. Explore it inside you. Trust your intuition. Spend as long as you need on this process until your life shows you how the Shadow works inside you.

The process may be quick for some people. For others it may take weeks or even months. Be patient. The longer you have to wait, the greater the insight will be. Once you identify with the Shadow, then you begin phase 1 of transforming it.

The 3 Phases of Transformation

Phase 1 – Allowing

Allowing is when you become aware of a Shadow inside you. You may not like it. You may wish it was gone. You don’t have to like it or accept it yet. You just have to allow it. Allowing is very generous. You simply keep seeing it – however uncomfortable your behaviour makes you feel.

Phase 2 – Accepting

Accepting is deeper than allowing. Once allowing has gone on for some time, it begins to transform into accepting. Accepting a Shadow is powerful. It means that your awareness can catch yourself in the act, and even though you may not be able to stop yourself, your awareness surrounds the Shadow pattern.

Phase 3 – Embracing

Embracing is complete transformation. When you have embraced a Shadow, or a particular manifestation of a Shadow, then it no longer has a hold over you. You have transcended the frequency of its orbit. You will taste freedom and know that this particular pattern is leaving or has left your life for good. This is the dismantling of the victim pattern at a physical level in your DNA. At Phase 3 you may also become aware that Grace has been at work in order for you to have been able to transcend this Shadow.

All 3 of the above phases have their own rhythm and timing in our lives. There are no rules. Sometimes the progress seems quite slow and gradual. At other times, and with other patterns, you can move from Phase 1 to 3 with astonishing rapidity.

The most important qualities that help us in transcending our Shadow states are patience, self- compassion and gentleness. This does not have to be a tense and difficult process. When you approach this work with softness, it will open up inside you like a flower. Because our society and upbringing tends to train us to become tense when faced with difficulties, these 3 precious qualities alone can change your life.

The Shadow of Fantasy is about being lost in a miasma of one’s own making, and the Shadow of Arrogance feeds into that fantasy and its false importance. The fantasy may even be something that you manifest, but it is based on a false view of your reality – a projection you carry of yourself that you then try and fulfill. The 31st Gene Key has to surrender its personal agendas into a higher ideal of service that is ultimately far more rewarding than the selfish fantasy.

This process is about allowing your life to unfold without having a fixed image of where you are going. You simply have to trust in the impulse and the love that continues to open up in your heart as you surrender to the emanation coming through you.

Is there any opportunity for me to ask my questions in a live Gene Keys session?


Free weekly Zoom calls for non-members and members interested in the Gene Keys are hosted by Welcome Team, every Wednesday at 9 a.m. Pacific, 5 p.m. GMT.
All are welcome to drop in anytime.
Zoom link is always the same and located here:
For questions or to schedule a one to one member chat with Welcome Team, use Support Form in Contact Us.

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