Divine Lila – Fragments of Light

“Fragments of Light” – Video Series by Richard Rudd

‘Over the years, I’ve often felt this deep inner connection to all my listeners, viewers, friends and students. I know I am also somewhat elusive. My family life is full, my working and writing schedule also keeps me pretty busy and I am aware that I sometimes go a long time without releasing anything, either written or in audio form. This series is I hope some small answer to this. It allows me to stay closer to you all, at least energetically, and also keep you abreast of my latest discoveries, revelations, insights and activities.’

With love, Richard

Richard Rudd’s new video “Divine Lila” is ready for your viewing pleasure. And we will be adding a new ‘Fragments’ video weekly as a Society members benefit.

This series is a another fantastic reason to become a Gene Keys Society member. You can do that here:


Visit Fragments of Light and ‘Divine Lila’


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