December 2019 Newsletter

Dear Society Members and Friends

December 2019 Issue


We’re very pleased to let you know that we have now opened up for another wave of 1st round Delta registrations after a longer pause to listen to feedback, evaluate and update the Delta resources. Overall the feedback has been highly positive, and the fact that so many of you have returned for a 2nd and even a 3rd round, and continue to do so, is in and of itself a wonderful testament to the power of the Delta journey. Considering the fact that the Delta requires a dedicated 7 week commitment makes this even more impressive, and personally I’m deeply touched and in awe of the sharing of profound transformation and healing I’m hearing.
As the Delta coordinator it’s been a great honour and privilege to support so many of you through the journey in various ways, from the very mundane and practical to the deeply personal and vulnerable. I look forward to continue to be of service to both those of you new to the Delta and those returning to deepen your journey.
We’d also like to welcome our lovely new dedicated Delta Focalisers, who’ve just joined our team and are ready to support those in the 1st round, who would prefer to be supported by a Focaliser with in depth experience of the Delta.
You can register for the 1st round of the Delta program using this link:
Remember you need to be first logged into your Gene Keys Society account, if you’re not yet a member you can register for free using this link:

Much love

Pia and the Delta team

GKS Zoom Open Calls

The intention of these live calls is to foster a sense of ongoing welcome, guidance, participation, and community support among us and share any experience and questions about the Gene Keys. Drop in for any call and stay as long or short a time as you’d like. Best to arrive at the beginning and use a device with camera and audio.

These calls are free and open to all who are interested in the Gene Keys. They provide a weekly face-to-face forum where we collectively connect, contemplate and converse in real-time about all Gene Keys-related subjects, including The Pulse which highlights that week’s Gene Key illuminated by the Sun.

Gene Keys Australia, Bulgaria, Denmark, Germany, Hungary, and Poland have all recently followed the initiative of the Gene Keys Society Welcome Team (now in its 3rd year) to reach other members around the world and host weekly or monthy open calls.


Gene Keys Society Welcome Team
Hosted by Maureen Momo Freehill
Every Wednesday at 9am PST/ 6pm CET / 4am AEDT
Meeting ID code: 999-806-161


Gene Keys Australia

Hosted by Costa Symeonidis and Rolf Krahnert
Every Wednesday at 2am PST / 11am CET/ 7pm AEDT from January 8th
Meeting ID: 160-964-759
Gene Keys Bulgaria    
Hosted by Elitsa Stoichkova
Monday 5th January (bi monthly) at 10am PST/ 7pm CET/ 5am AEDT
Meeting ID: 492 015 791
Gene Keys Denmark
Hosted by Pia Mark
Sunday 19th January (monthly) at 8am PST/ 5pm CET/ 3am AEDT
Meeting ID: 222 354 301
Gene Keys Germany
Hosted my Jasmine Schoch
Every second Monday of the month at 9am PST/ 6pm CET/ 4am AEDT
Meeting ID: 853 616 810


Gene Keys Hungary
Hosted by Katalin Nagy
Sunday 19th January (monthly) at 9:30am PST/ 6:30pm CET/ 4:30am AEDT
Meeting ID: 315 816 7224
Gene Keys Poland
Hosted by Alicja Grabowska
Dates to be confirmed
Meeting ID: 936 642 840

Gene Keys Calendar

We would like to announce that there are two beautiful Gene Keys calendars available, created by members of our Gene Keys community. They include beautiful art, photos, the GK of the day, quotes of Richard and much more. Have a look below and how you can purchase them:
GK Calendar from Daniel Holeman from the US:

Society‘s Inbox ‘Office’ Closure

A kind reminder that the Society‘s Inbox will be closed during Christmas eve, Christmas Day, New Year’s Eve and New Year’s Day.

With Love,

From Richard and the Gene Keys Society

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