Danne Saring

After Danne Saring’s 14th turn around the Sun, she literally “hit the road” to learn more. A ponderer of self, others, and deeper realities, she has played at many roles – photographer, artist, teacher, counselor, volunteer, as well as mother and grandmother – imbuing the mainstream, like finance and administration, with spiritual and healing modalities. These days, she works virtually from her RV, living surrounded by trees and friends, dancing, beading and making art, drumming for lodge, counseling and communing.

The Gene Keys came to Danne during a dark time in her life, when questioning everything. She stopped creating and all that made her heart sing, and fell silent. The transmission enhanced her connection with self, others and creation. Likewise, Richard’s Dare to Be Divine is deepening her world beyond words! Danne feels blessed to offer her energy to this collective. She is honored and humbled to have your life touch hers.

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