Danne Saring

With joy we present Danne Saring and celebrate all her creative contributions.

Danne is a Jill of all Trades, enthusiastic, practical, organized and full of love, vigor and wisdom.

She started volunteering in the Pulse team in August 2018, then additionally taking on the role of coordinating the Transcription Team and her latest contribution is the creative layout and formatting of the Annual Report 2019.

When she found the Gene Keys in autumn 2017, they touched her life profoundly. They let her to see how her life experiences fit into this great play and that nothing is ever out of alignment.

Immediately it sparked her longing to give back. What she loves most about volunteering: „I am able to give back to something that is way bigger than myself. Giving in service – especially as the Gene Keys have become such a big part of my life has become an exchange – a continual flow of energy in and out.”

She rejoices in constantly seeing different aspects reflected back to her. In this recognition of self it is natural for her to give even more.

We are honored to have Danne Saring in our team and co-create with her!

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