Whatever the amount of will power we carry in this life, a HUGE consideration has to be put into WHERE we decide to channel this powerful energy in our realities.

Many of us are born with a tremendous will, strength or motors that seem to rarely run out of gas…

But it’s vital to remember that we’re running on old conditioning, old paradigms and old belief systems that say ‘you have to work for it’, ‘it doesn’t just come to you…’

Fact is though, it does!

It does come to us, easier than we know and TRUST 💫

One of the major things we aren’t so good at as humans, is waiting for the fertile ground of opportunity to COME TO US so that we can commit and channel our energy into the correct processes.

So we go on, forcing, pushing and drilling ourselves into the shit! 💩

Time and time again, ending up exhausted from our consistent and often well intentioned efforts that aren’t in alignment with the whole.

We have to tune in consistently to know whether what we’re doing is aligned, and WHERE WE MADE THE DECISION FROM! This can often be the telling point of energy draining ventures. If we’re consistently taking action from places such as impatience, insecurity, unease, stress or boredom, then we won’t be moving the way existence wants us to move.

You may get the goals and the things you work at and for, but at what cost to your physical, emotional and mental health, and that of those around you….

Worth a ponder!


Dan Regan is a personal development consultant who’s zest for life, mystical adventure and vehement love for sharing and awakening others into self realization has led him to travel the world presenting Gene Keys Wisdom, breathwork and systems with people from diverse cultures and backgrounds.
He is on a quest to restore vitality and radiance in peoples lives by inspiring them in practical ways to fully embrace and bloom into their inherent genius.
He is pioneering a new way of BEing in these times of great change and opportunity on the planet by specializing in anchoring people into their core stability and beyond.

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