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Tools and Suggestions for Adding your Creative Contemplations

As we enter this Age of Synthesis we are discovering a vast web of interconnections within the universe. The best way we can see the power of a wisdom like this is when we engage it together. Your engagement with the transmission is of great value to the whole. You can help grow the synthesis by adding your wisdom into the Living Library as you explore each Gene Key.

In the Living Library you get to be both student and teacher..

Below we will continue to gather and offer resources for adding contributions to the Living Library and other Forums on the Gene Keys Society.

Free Tools and Resources for Contributions

There are a number of great Free Tools you can use as your Online Journal or Media Channel for your Art of Contemplation Journey. There are many free tutorials available to teach you how to use each of these external websites.

Share your creation in the Living Library Forums on a chosen Gene Key!

Simply copy paste the Youtube, Vimeo, Soundcloud, or Image URL into any Forum to share your creative contemplation with the community!

You can also upload images directly to the forums.

We all have a unique way of expressing our genius. Be courageous and discover the Creative Rebel inside you!

Citing Sources – Crediting Artists

In this digital age, it is very easy to simply copy paste images across the web without regard for the artists who tirelessly poured effort into writing, drawing, painting, or composing the media we share. Please consider adding the source credit to any art that you use, thank you!

Adding “Topic Tags” to Forum Posts

Whenever you post a new topic or reply to an ongoing conversation in the Gene Keys Society Forums, you can add special “Tag words” to help identify specific topics for easier searching! You can also use these tag words to find posts by other community members you may not have found otherwise. It becomes an adventure to explore a certain theme, and contemplate the different posts, contributions, questions, and conversations about that specific tag word.

For example, if you make a post about Gene Key 18, you could add the tag “integrity” or “genekey18” before you submit your post. If you want to add multiple tags, simply put a comma between each word. For example you could tag your post

life’s work, genekey18, integrity

Start to explore how these tags show up within the forums, and explore what others are saying about the same themes!

You can also add helpful tags like “video” to posts that contain a youtube or vimeo clip. Or “music” for posts that include a music file. This will help people who want to explore creative media a chance to quickly peruse only posts that contain video or audio clips! Together we will organically discover a language through what topics our community chooses to tag their posts.

Currently the tagging system for this website is limited, we are continuing to expand the tag and search functions in Phase 2 of our web platform.

#Hashtagging the Gene Keys (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram)

The Art of Contemplation is akin to a Game. It happens in our everyday life, when we bring loving awareness to the pauses in our day. The miraculous insights come from having a patient and playful approach and sustained observation with an open mind and heart.Now with mobile technology, we have the ability to be connected all the time. With new phone technology, we also have incredibly powerful cameras resting in our pockets. Our intention is to create purposeful social networking, by utilizing the current apps and tools available to document our life as art, our daily contemplation of the magical signs waiting around every corner.

This concept of “hashtagging” a post or comment, applies in many different social networks – Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and many more.

If you want to tag a specific Gene Key in your daily contemplation in your favorite social media network, please use the specific hashtag #genekey + the number.

For example #genekey18 will tag your post for Key 18 (Judgment Integrity Perfection) and will be searchable by other members.

It is possible to tag multiple keys, as well as Gene Keys as a whole, by adding more hashtags.

For example, if I want to add a post to multiple keys i would end my status update with the following tags: #genekey18 #genekeys #genekey17 .


Currently we only provide limited ability to showcase “Tagged” posts in our website. We will keep our system up to date with the latest social technology whenever possible. Please consider adding this tag to ANY system you are using, as it will offer newcomers an opportunity to learn more about the Gene Keys.

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