Compassion in Action (Idomeni Project – 2016)

Compassion in Action

“In March of 2016 I travelled out to Idomeni Refugee camp in northern Greece. I went there to get the full story in order that I could work out the best way to help these people. We set our target on fundraising for 30 large 20-person tents for the most vulnerable families. Working alongside my friend Theo Nelson and his team out there, we brought much needed shelter to a small group out of 12,000 or so refugees. Below is the original call for help from the Gene Keys community and videos from my experience.” – Richard Rudd

The campaign was a great success and we raised over £30.000 in just 2 weeks. 

“15,000 people are currently stranded in a refugee camp at Idomeni, Greece, in desperate need of food, shelter and warmth.

We are putting this cause at the heart of the Gene Keys community to raise money – which will buy much needed equipment such as tents.

The charity, Luck of Birth,  is only a small charity based in Totnes, Devon, UK (my home town). Their long term aim is to support the community of independent charities and groups who are really making a difference within the huge humanitarian refugee crisis in Europe.

They work to support these people and the amazing team of volunteers who are working tirelessly around the clock providing food, shelter, clothing, warmth, medical attention and support.

I am travelling out to visit this camp this week, in order to ‘get the story’ into my blood and share with everyone the work that is being done on the ground. If you feel compelled to give to this cause, then please click the button below.

A heart-felt thank you.”

-Richard Rudd

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