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Elitsa Stoichkova

With joy we present Elitsa Stoichkova who is actively and passionately giving to many of our teams!

Elitsa has been volunteering in the Gene Keys Society from the very beginning. She is part of the Multilingual Matters team, the Scholarship team, the Welcome Team and is supporting the Delta team as a focalizer. She was one of the first to bring the Gene Keys to Bulgaria and is the main editor of all the books/materials translated into her mother tongue since.

She discovered the Gene Keys in 2012 when she saw the Gene Keys book at a friend’s house and felt magnetized by it. What she loves about the Gene Keys is the transmission of humanity, love and acceptance and that it holds everyone in their highest potential.

Volunteering for her is a natural and meaningful way to give back. The best part for her is witnessing the wonders that happen when a group of people work and grow together while serving a higher goal. She adds with a smile: “And when we fall, we can have a good laugh about it, learn to be more adaptive and continue.“

With her big heart, humor and creative sparkle she believes that life is seeing every good deed. Whatever we are doing is making a change. Even if it does not seem to be recognized at the moment, it is felt and recognized by life and has an effect in the whole universe.

 We are grateful to highlight Elitsa Stoichkova and her devoted service to the Gene Keys!

Other Volunteers

July 1, 2019

Zornitsa Simidjiiska, MLM Team

Congratulations to Zornitsa Simidjiiska (in short Zuz) who we want to honor for all her virtuous deeds. She started volunteering in the MLM team right from the beginning in
2016, translating Gene Keys materials into Bulgarian language, like
the Gene Keys book, Art of Contemplation, Golden Path Sequences. She
also created a new template for translating the Hologenetic Profile
into different languages and is organizing the processes. She found the Gene Keys in 2014 which provided her with a method of
how to handle life and then witnessed how the transmission came alive
for her. With her kind, generous and practical nature, she wanted to make it
accessible to others and allow everyone to experience it themselves:
„If something can be useful, it has to be done – and if I can do it, I
offer myself and just do it.“ She is pouring her time and love into sharing and translating the Gene
Keys into Bulgarian as well as into to real life experiences. This is
where it becomes real, she says, and where the true magic lies. “If sometimes you feel that following your heart, needs and dreams is
selfish, allow yourself to be a little selfish! Our gifts serve so
many others while also serving ourselves – because it is an expression
of ourselves.” We are immensely grateful for Zuz Volunteer and honor for her continuous dedication to the Gene Keys and following her heart!
June 6, 2019

Danne Saring, Pulse Team

Danne Saring With joy we present Danne Saring and celebrate all her creative contributions. Danne is a Jill of all Trades, enthusiastic, practical, organized and full of love, vigor and wisdom. She started volunteering in the Pulse team in August 2018, then additionally taking on the role of coordinating the Transcription Team and her latest contribution is the creative layout and formatting of the Annual Report 2019. When she found the Gene Keys in autumn 2017, they touched her life profoundly. They let her to see how her life experiences fit into this great play and that nothing is ever out of alignment. Immediately it sparked her longing to give back. What she loves most about volunteering: „I am able to give back to something that is way bigger than myself. Giving in service - especially as the Gene Keys have become such a big part of my life has become an exchange - a continual flow of energy in and out." She rejoices in constantly seeing different aspects reflected back to her. In this recognition of self it is natural for her to give even more. We are honored to have Danne Saring in our team and co-create with her!
February 28, 2019

Sonhui Lamson, Programmer

Sonhui Lamson We are happy to shine a light on Sonhui who is giving wholeheartedly behind-the-scenes. Sonhui has been volunteering as a first line Gene Keys website programmer in the Society since summer of 2018. A programmer with many years of experience and skill, her presence and dedication in supporting all technical aspects of website and admin work is amazing. She is involved in many teams, contributing to find solutions to challenges and issues, making the workflow behind the scenes smooth and easy. With her soft, focused and cheerful way of being, she makes it easy for everyone to work with her and understand even complex topics. She loves supporting the Society and its community in this way as it is meaningful for her and useful to the whole at the same time. It also allows her to tap into the flow of balance and oneness as well as gaining more insights of the Gene Keys. We are delighted to celebrate Sonhui Lamson and her many talents which enrich  all our experiences!

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