Cancellations and Refunds

How to Cancel Recurring Payments / Membership

  • Login and go to My Profile → Account / Settings

  • You will see all of your memberships and subscriptions from this new dashboard

  • Click “View Billing” to the right of your Basic Membership subscription

  • Click “Cancel”


  • You will receive an automatic email from Paypal announcing that “Your automatic payments were suspended.”

    • This email includes order details for easy tracking with customer support issues.


  • Your account will change to “Pending Cancellation”

    • Pending Cancellation means you will not be charged again. But you have continued access until the next billing cycle (monthly or annual).

    • At the start of the next monthly or annual billing cycle, the account will change to “Cancelled” and you will no longer have access to the exclusive material.

Your Previous Posts / Social Profile will remain intact

Cancelling recurring payments will NOT delete your social profile or any posts in the forums. Cancelling payments only disables your ability to view or add new posts to all the protected pages in Membership Hub (forums, directory, Dare to Be Divine, etc).


How to Renew Your Membership

If at anytime you would like to return to the Society, you can sign in with your same username/password and Renew Your Subscription.

  • Visit My Profile –> Account / Settings –> My Subscriptions
  • Click Renew
  • Complete checkout with your same login information and you will have renewed access to all Membership areas and restored posting access.

If for any reason you would like your username completed deleted from the website, please contact

Change your Subscription level

  • At this point Paypal does not allow you to change the amount from your current subscription.

  • Please Cancel your previous Monthly/Annual membership

  • While still logged in, click here to view the Monthly / Annual membership choices

  • Choose your preferred amount and complete the checkout process while still logged in

  • Your subscription will now be renewed at the updated price / time frame.


  • Please refer to our Refund Policy for more details.
  • Please contact us directly for Refund Questions
  • Please do not request a refund directly through PayPal as this creates more difficulty for the admin team, thank you.