July 16, 2018

Gene Key 1. Acupoint Synopsis. Alaya DeNoyelles

July 13, 2018

Gene Key 40 by Dani Katz

  With the 37th Gene Key in my IQ, and a natural inclination to push, push, push waaaaaayyyy too hard, I’ve gleaned so much wisdom and […]
July 13, 2018

The Key of Precision (July 13 – July 18)

"The 62nd Gene Key sees the entire holographic cosmos. Everything is connected to everything else in perfect harmony. Every experience is perfect. The timing of your awakening is perfect. Precision is everywhere. The more you start seeing it, the more you imbibe it, the more you relax and then you come into harmony. But this coming into harmony, is going to put you through a few initiations and initiation often feels far from harmonious. Stepping out of the Maya is like leaving the Earth’s orbit. You have to build up a certain escape velocity to punch through the veil.

The Gene Keys are not facts, they are not rooted in fact. They are worm holes that open up into love. They are stitches in the holographic fabric of time and space and your awareness can travel along them. This is a magical system because we live in a magical universe...

This is the Precision of the feminine....The female version of precision is not about exactness, its about harmony. Information is more swiftly and efficiently organized through intuition than through any other means. So this digital revolution certainly looks impressive in its ability to create order. But, it can not track harmony because harmony sometimes moves through disorder. So the gift of precision knows how to move with equanimity through periods of order and disorder. This is the gift to navigate these big changes with periods with absolute precision mentally, physically and emotionally, how to move through transformation with precision and grace and inspire others to do the same."

- The 62nd Way, the Gift of Precision

July 13, 2018

The Key of Expansion (July 7 – July 12)

"Evolution follows what modern science terms Complexity Theory — the theory that as living systems evolve, they become more and more complex. It is indeed true that the more elements you integrate into a system, the more complex it appears to become. However, just because it seems complex to the mind does not mean that it becomes less efficient.

In fact, evolution demands that systems become more efficient and efficiency is based on simplicity rather than complexity. Synthesis only appears to be complex when you remain stuck at a low level of frequency and try to understand it intellectually. The Gift of Expansion demands that individuals transcend their personal opinions, views and attempts to understand what is going on.

It takes enormous trust to allow your life to truly expand because it appears to the mind to become more complex, whereas in fact it is moving into greater and greater synthesis. At certain points within your expansion, your awareness itself takes leaps that allow you to grasp the synthesis. Until these leaps come, you simply have to hold on and trust in the process."

- The 53rd Gene Key, the Gift of Expansion

July 7, 2018

The Key of Dynamism (July 1 – July 6)

"Rooted in your adrenaline system, this 39th Gene Key is a highly dynamic code that is all about action. It has a gutsy, explosive and primal quality to it. People with these Gifts and Shadows are not led by their heads but by the primitive urge to act, whether wisely or foolishly...

The 39th Gift knows no fear. This is the true spirit of the warrior. There are many grades of warrior. There are those who simply fight unconsciously because they cannot help it — these are the people who cannot resist whatever it is that has provoked them to action. But there are higher types of warrior too, those who are provoked but who manage to control and direct their anger...

Beyond even this, at the siddhic level, are those rare warriors who cannot be provoked at all. They have seen the nature of reality: there are no individuals in the first place, which makes it impossible to play the game of conflict anymore."

- The 39th Gene Key, the Shadow and Gift of Provocation/Dynamism

July 5, 2018

Gene Keys Society – June Newsletter

June 29, 2018

The Key of Restraint (June 26 – June 30)

"Even when he is still, the selfish man is busy. Even when he is busy, the selfless man is still". - Ashtavakra Gita

"Stillness is how the world will be transformed. Although on a first pass, that doesn’t seem to make sense, it’s an absolute truth. Deep within your DNA, stillness is all there is. When you enter into the world of the Siddhis, you come into paradox over and over again. The ultimate stillness is to be found in movement. Our bodies are constantly in movement. At the cellular level, you are being rebuilt over and over again every hour you are alive, and yet one day, when your body is dead and gone, there is nothing but stillness. The movement is within the stillness and the stillness is within the movement."

- The 52nd Gene Key, the Gift of Restraint

June 26, 2018

Startled Awake – Cătălin Pîrvu

  Startled Awake   (embracing setbacks on the way to the Promised Land)   If you set to walk the Golden Path, be prepared to be unprepared. […]
June 22, 2018

The Key of Magnetism (June 20 – 25)

"To the 15th Gene Key there can be no separation between the mystical and the mundane because life is experienced as an immortal journey through all the mythic strands and stories of human culture.

Through the 15th Gene Key, you stand amidst the mundane as a warrior. The most boring everyday issue can seem to you no less than an opportunity for personal transformation. The great spiritual trials are not met in the extremes but in the everyday — in your relationships, whilst doing the dishes, cleaning the house or going to work.

This is the origin of the mystical saying that in order to find heaven you never need even walk out of your own door."

- The 15th Gene Key, the Gift of Magnetism