Bella Krystal

Bella is a multicultural voyager who grew up between two cultures with her Spanish dad and Swedish mom. She has lived in seven countries and speaks six languages fluently.


After business studies in Europe and the U.S., she used to travel the world as a consultant. Today she travels teaching the value of staying grounded in the physical body in order to fully explore what it is to be human. Ultimately, her message is about Love and how to live life to the fullest, while serving the whole with our unique gifts and creativity.


Bella weaves many paths into one, threading the ancient paths of yoga and tantra and bringing a strong connection to the ancestral wisdom of South America. She loves Latin dancing, spending time in nature, and everything that has to with physical and creative expression.


Bella has been studying Human Design and the Gene Keys since 2014. She is a passionate Gene Keys Ambassador, a Living Your Design Guide, and she is currently translating The Art of Contemplation.

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