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April Newsletter

Philanthropy Hub

Introducing Dr Kim Clarity
The Philanthropy hub recently put out the call for a Volunteers Co-ordinator. ‘Ask and you shall receive’. The call was answered by Dr.Kim Clarity.  Kim is the Co-founder of the Clarity Academy of Spiritual Arts, in Sacramento, California, where she lives with her wife Karen.
Kim has been working professionally with the Gene Keys since 2009 and hosts several Gene Keys study groups. We welcome Kim to the team; whose gifts and experience are a natural fit for the role. May your time at the Society blossom fruitfully and reflect the elegance of service you so truly embody.

Volunteer update

Since renovating the Philanthropy hub, we have had 5 volunteers contact the Society offering their time, passion and skills.   It is early days and it is with youthful steps that we are stabilising our process and platform.  To join our already healthy volunteer body, we have recently filled media and admin volunteer positions.  If you have volunteered, or would like to volunteer, we appreciate your enthusiasm and patience as we find the perfect fit and timing.

Refugee update

 The Society’s Custodial Council is delighted to announce that by the grace of our members’ generosity, we have just sent a donation of $691.90 to MIT. That’s enough to support a volunteer for two months. Let’s keep up our support to this wonderful team in 2018!
Thanks to all our donors and to everyone who is helping refugees in the world.  Visit the Grail Fund to donate or educate yourself with our Donation projects.

Society Spotlight

Multi- Lingual Matters Team


This team has members from 14 mixed countries who meet on a regular basis. It is through their connection to the transmission and their love of community, driven by the calling to share this work that this group gathers to support each other as they translate the Gene Keys book, the Golden Path and other works of Richard Rudd into their mother tongue.


This group is fundamental to the Society and the global reach of the Gene Keys transmission. The Multi- Lingual team is facilitated and led by Kati Nagy (right) of Hungary.


So far, this team has been working, mostly ‘under the radar’ of community spotlight.  They were formed over one year ago and have achieved several mentionable highlights in their time line so far.


Apart from meeting up last year in person in Ulm.  They have also translated and negotiated a licensing agreement with Gene Keys Publishing. It took months and a lot of compassionate listening, patience and personal growth from all parties to re-write a traditional legal document into Gene Keys language to reflect the spirit of the transmission. This is a remarkable achievement for a group of devoted humans in a language that is not their first.


The group is open to translators of new languages and looking forward to the new challenges set by the growth of our community: how to make the Gene Keys website or the Ambassador program available in different languages, and how to include lovers of the Gene Keys all over the world into our community.


We celebrate the diversity of our community and the amazing role this team are playing in making the Gene Keys globally accessible.


Contact Multi- Lingual Team: multilingualmatters@genekeys-society.com

Fragments of Light

New Members Resources


Richard Rudd has committed to more regular Fragments of Light Videos.  You can visit the first of the latest installments, a lovely and playful Fragment titled ‘Divine Lila’.


We will announce the newest additions via What’s New and Social Media.


These videos are a members only benefit and provide insights into Richard’s daily contemplations.



Our membership and subscription issues are ongoing, and we thank you if your membership has been one that encountered some challeges with the new system.


If you are having membership or renewal challenges, please contact us so we can assist with the process.


Or visit our Blog post on navigating the new site.

With Love From,

The Gene Keys Society

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