Annual Report 2018

Dear Society Members and Friends

Annual Report 2018

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Annual Report 2018 PDF

Dear Gene Keys Family and Friends:
It is a great delight to share with you here our second Annual Report for 2018. We hope you enjoy reading it as much as we have enjoyed creating it.

In Gene Keys, we are in daily service to an ancient and renewing wisdom that teaches us to make the path together, as we go. As a relatively small and rapidly growing global community, we typically find most of the Gene Keys Society’s team members get taken up day-to-day with issues of where we are now and where we are going.Compiling an Annual Report gives us both reason and reminder to pause and linger awhile, savouring the scents of last year’s Society blooms, before they fade… Memories of challenges faced and difficulties surmounted tend to dissolve, giving way to wonder and mutual celebration of our collective good fortune in being part of a deeply dedicated community.

So many people to thank, starting with our wonderful volunteer, Danne Saring, whose manifold design skills, so freely and happily shared, will surely delight our readers. Danne, it’s been such fun to work with you!

Beloved fellow Core Team members: thank you all for your marvelous efforts to gather news from your teams and present it in a lively and easy to read way.

Dear Richard – Gene Keys founder, Society president and teacher extraordinaire – you surely don’t need any of us to remind you what a continuing inspiration you and your words are to so many? Still it feels good to say it again here!

To our fiscal sponsor, Inquiring Systems Inc., a big thank you for lending us your 501(c)3 status support and for quietly taking care of much back-room detail, so we can concentrate on bringing Gene Keys teachings and philanthropy to the world, as we help our young Society find its feet.

And to you, our Gene Keys community, family and friends, our infinite gratitude for your love and commitment to Gene Keys. Serving you and the teaching is our honour and our joy.

With Love From
Midi and the Gene Keys Society Custodial Council and Core Team

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  1. This is a truly amazing work of art in many ways!
    I’ve read through it once and intend to read through it at least once again for the possibility of a deeper “contemplation.”
    Thank you all for this orchestrated effort with style and grace!
    More radiantly!

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