Announcement of Closure

Dear Society Member,

I am writing to you to announce the imminent closure of the Gene Keys Society as a fiscally sponsored project. This decision has been reached by the Custodial Council after many months of discussion and contemplation in which the highest aspiration has been to bring a deeper sense of unity and cohesion to the Gene Keys family as a whole.

As some of you will know, the Gene Keys Society was conceived back in 2016 after the Star Pearl Retreat in Findhorn. It has always been a group-inspired endeavour, fuelled by the amazing generosity of many people down the years, from financial donors to open-hearted volunteers who have given selflessly of their time and resources. In the Society, the community of people drawn to the Gene Keys have come together to explore a wide variety of ideas, themes and projects. It has been deeply inspiring to see how much we have all achieved working together. In the end of year Reports this has always been made wonderfully visible, and in our final Report, due out in a few weeks, you can see all the exciting developments that took place in this last year, 2019.

As the founder of the Gene Keys I have had the privilege of presiding over many iterations of the Gene Keys since their inception back in 2001. As with many organisms, the body goes through many transmutations and changes, rather like a serpent shedding its skin to reveal each time a higher version of itself as it enters its next chapter. Such times are precious pauses, as we can look back on where we have come from and give thanks to all the lessons we have learned and the wonderful friends we have made along the way.

Life continually asks this one great question of us – to surrender our attachment to the form while at the same time strengthening our commitment to the spirit and heart. In this case the heart is the living transmission of the wisdom behind the Gene Keys. The vision held within the core of this transmission is one of Synthesis, Synarchy and Syntropy – represented by the teachings, the community and the flow of prosperity through the whole. As we make this next exciting transition to a more unified model, these principles remain as important as ever.

One of the main reasons for this transition is simply a material one. We have outgrown the legal and financial restraints of the model itself. We have also listened to the resounding feedback of many of our users for a single login in order to access all the Gene Keys teachings and tools in one place. This we are now developing on the website.

Our global community remains vibrant and thriving and is growing in size and wisdom on a daily basis. The only thing that is really changing is the structure that supports our teachings and community.

Our journey with the Gene Keys Society has enabled us to take the next leap towards a simpler and more unified whole. In this respect we are now developing new community portals on the website that will allow our community to grow, exchange and communicate in multiple languages. In this way we can integrate the teachings and programs themselves much more closely with the community. This will also make the Gene Keys journey much more user-friendly, both for newcomers and experienced travellers.

What will change for me? To map out all the changes that are happening, we have created a webpage here:

Gene Keys Society Transition

In conclusion, I’d like to say a huge thank you to all the Gene Keys Society workers and volunteers who have given their time, energy and love to this chapter of the Gene Keys story. Your hard work and commitment has enabled many new friendships and communities around the world to sprout and flourish through sharing the Gene Keys teachings and wisdom.

I’d like to invite all Gene Keys Society members to continue to stay connected via the website and to make use of the many new resources we have on offer. We are working hard on building new tools that will better serve our community, as well as improvements to the resources we already have. If you are not already signed up to our newsletter, you can find a link here:

With warm wishes to you all

Richard Rudd


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