The 2019 Live Virtual Retreat Enrollment opens this summer

9 Month Program Begins in late September 2019

Requisites for Enrollment

  • Completion of the Online Golden Path Parts 1 – 3
  • Contemplation of the Gene Keys for 18 months
  • Current Active Member of the Gene Keys Society

Frequently Asked Questions

Helpful information about the Ambassador Program and sharing the Gene Keys into the world through events, products, and affiliate sales

A Gene Keys Ambassador is a creative catalyst whose role is to host the wild wisdom of the Gene Keys transmission. This is a role that requires deep surrender, emotional maturity and self awareness. Ambassadors range from those who host events, create products, offer Gene Keys related services, or want to share the Gene Keys with new audiences.

The Ambassador Circle is a strong global fellowship of people from all walks of life. To become a part of this circle is to embark on a powerful inner journey in which you will be supported by the ever-strengthening bonds of friendship and trust. Through the Ambassador Circle you will experience a level of trust and kinship that is very rare in this world.

Ambassadors are asked to hold themselves to very highest personal standards. The Ambassador Circle will also takes responsibility for itself. We will support each other with great love and gentleness, but if necessary, we will also challenge each other. This is the living model of Synarchy in action.

  • Access to the Ambassador Circle
  • Ambassador Resource Library – Slideshows, Images, and helpful tools for sharing the Gene Keys
  • Private forum and Ambassador breakout calls with a fellowship of allies and ambassadors around the world
  • Higher Affiliate commission on digital sales through the Gene Keys Publishing shop
  • You will be featured on a public Ambassador Directory

Yes! Anyone who wishes to be a Gene Keys Affiliate is invited to take part in Stage One of the Society’s Ambassador Program (which is free), to review and deepen your Gene Keys understanding before enrolling. After Stage One, you may choose to be an Affiliate, and can choose whether you wish to register and pay for the next full Ambassador Program (check to see when the next program begins).

By signing up to the Affiliate Program, you can generate income from sales of digital products that are sold from the shop. You will need to use a unique Affiliate ID URLs to give out to your network. Affiliates receive 10% on these sales and Ambassador Affiliates (those who have gone through the whole Ambassador Program) will receive 15%.

If you are eligible and choose to continue after Stage One (which is free), you will register and pay a one-time, single fee of $400 (An instalment option will be available).

After this, there are no Ambassador annual fees. You simply pay your annual Society Membership subscription.

The Ambassador program is a nine-month process, though it may take longer for each individual to fully integrate the lessons in each section. We will begin the virtual retreat in 2018, and provide other opportunities for future virtual retreats in 2019.

The Ambassador Program is designed as a closed-group process, like a virtual Retreat. Once it has started, enrolment is closed until the next program begins, which we anticipate will be shortly after the first one finishes. If you miss the start of the program or have not fulfilled the preliminary requirements you can still apply for the next program and your name will be put on the waiting list.

A terton is a Tibetan term for one who receives and transmits a sacred wisdom. The final Stage of the Ambassador Program asks you to make a sacred inner Covenant with the Gene Keys wisdom and its lineage. This is done in your own unique way, although some guidance will be given. The power of the Terton’s Covenant is that it holds you to maintain the highest standards of integrity and honesty as you share the Gene Keys with the world. To become a terton is to make a pact with higher forces that then give you a powerful responsibility as a transmitter and guardian of this wisdom. Becoming a terton is a serious inner calling, as well as opening your life up to the blessings of the lineage flowing behind the Gene Keys. Have a look at this article by Paul Levy, here.

Richard Rudd offers many personal creations free of charge and is committed to a very generous pricing policy. He invites all who feel inspired by the Gene Keys to join him in co-creating a community of shared prosperity, based in a spirit of generosity, fairness and mutual respect.  
We trust that all Ambassadors respect Richard Rudd’s copyright at all times and credit the author and the Gene Keys in all materials created or services offered.

If you generate money from Gene Keys related activities, whether through services or products, as an Ambassador you are invited to consider some of the ways in which you might like to give back to the Gene Keys. Below are some of the ways in which you can contribute:

1. Financial donations – we hope many Ambassadors may chose to donate a percentage of their profits back to Gene Keys Publishing, supporting our business to continue growing as well as helping us to fund new projects and products. A simple way of doing this is to add a percentage (e.g.10%) to the price of all your Gene Keys services and then donate this sum back to us. All such donations are very greatly received.

2. Non financial donations – there are many additional ways of supporting us, and we invite all Ambassadors to follow their creative genius in helping spread these teachings throughout our communities and the world. Below are a few ideas:
  • Dedicate a page on your website to honour the Gene Keys and send people to and the Society
  • Leave positive reviews/testimonials on Amazon and other Social Media forums
  • Write or record/film in-depth testimonials, sharing how the Gene Keys are impacting one’s life, work, practice, and sending people to the Society, Gene Keys websites, etc.
  • Spread Gene Keys product/project/service-related announcements on Social Media
  • Volunteer specific services or skills to Gene Keys
  • Encourage your students/clients to purchase our lovely books and courses
  • Encourage your students/clients to join the Society
  • Engage with our philanthropic projects and endeavours   
Above all, we would like to all grow the Gene Keys together, which involves a sense of mutual responsibility and an enthusiastic sense of creativity. As the Gene Keys grow, so we all will benefit.

Then you have come to the right place! This program is a powerful way to deepen into your embodiment of the Gene Keys, empowering you to share with the world in a coherent, integral, and inspired way. As you will learn, sharing the Gene Keys is not so much about being a teacher as being a listener. This is not a wisdom that can be taught through knowledge. It is a gift that is catalysed only through your embodiment. We invite anyone with the urge to share the Gene Keys to utilise the Gift of Restraint and walk through this journey first. Through this program you will also gather all the tools and resources to offer your unique gifts in right relation with the Gene Keys.

Thank you for being a pioneer in sharing the Gene Keys with the world. We invite everyone, including facilitators who have worked with the Gene Keys for as long as a decade, to participate in this Ambassador Program alongside everyone else. We invite your contributions, your wisdom, and your participation to strengthen this Ambassador Circle. Gene Keys Publishing is also refining its agreements around copyright and usage of the Gene Keys brand. We welcome you to walk this path with us, to deepen your embodiment and share your unique genius.

The Ambassador Program creates the potential for deeper involvement with the Gene Keys. Included is information on licensing agreements and guidelines for using the Gene Keys brand. If you are interested in becoming an Ambassador, this is the perfect way to refine your new product ideas and be supported in their creation.

There will be more information by way of Frequently Asked Questions on this coming soon. In the meantime, you can contact Gene Keys Publishing here.

For those products or services (including running courses) that draw heavily on the Gene Keys (Richard Rudd’s) materials, including the Spectrum of Consciousness, we ask that you discuss this directly with Gene Keys Publishing – to see what license agreement is necessary. If your work is inspired by the Gene Keys materials, then we invite a contribution, according to a fair and agreed percentage of any income. Contact Gene Keys Publishing here. See also the answer to “What will my responsibilities be as an Ambassador” above for more detail about the way in which we hope to grow Gene Keys together in a spirit of mutual responsibility.

The Ambassador Program requires that students have completed the entire Golden Path and have had sufficient time to explore and deepen their understanding of the Gene Keys. If you just fall short of the full 18 months and still feel you are ready, you can contact using the contact form below and we will discuss this with you.

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