The Ambassador Circle

A Gene Keys Ambassador is a creative catalyst whose role is to host the wild wisdom of the Gene Keys transmission. This is a role that requires deep surrender, emotional maturity and self awareness. The Ambassador Circle is a strong global fellowship of such people from all walks of life. To become a part of this circle is therefore to embark on a powerful inner journey in which you will be supported by the ever-strengthening bonds of friendship and trust.

Ambassadors range from those who host events, create products, offer Gene Keys related services, or want to share the Gene Keys with new audiences.

The first chapter of the Ambassador Program is a free and open introduction. If you are already sharing the Gene Keys in the world, or are interested in finding out more about the Ambassador Program, please sign up for updates. Below is a video introduction to the Ambassador Program by Richard Rudd.

The 2019 Virtual Retreat will begin in the Fall. Stay tuned for more details.

Free Introduction to the Ambassador Program

The Gene Keys Ambassador Program

Deepening, Embodying and Sharing the Gene Keys with the World

The nine-stage program will be led by Richard Rudd and held over nine months. Stage One is a free stage, open to everyone, that initiates and explains the whole Ambassador process.

Each Stage has an introductory video from Richard Rudd, a set of questions for deep contemplation and a series of tasks. All these activities have the same purpose: to introduce you to the higher calling of a Gene Keys Ambassador and to open you up to a new level of self-honesty and personal discipline.

Each month, participants will engage in an online virtual retreat environment. Included in this program is an online video course by Richard Rudd and opportunities to ask questions and engage with other Ambassadors along the way.

Richard Rudd says: “A Gene Keys Ambassador is committed to work with and share Gene Keys teachings beyond their own internal practice and embodiment. To become an Ambassador is to align oneself with the essence of the Gene Keys wisdom and to model and embody its highest values in the world.

The Gene Keys Ambassador Program is neither a training program nor a certification process. It may not be like anything else you have ever done. The program is designed to intensify your understanding and imbue you with the living wisdom that lies behind and within the external teachings.”

The 2018 Virtual Retreat enrollment is now closed. Stage 1 will remain open and free to the public. 

Enrollment for the 2018 Ambassador Program Virtual Retreat is now closed. If you would like to be informed about future retreats, you may complete the ambassador survey here