The Key of Adventure (June 2 – 7)


June 2 through June 7

Gene Key 35

Inner Space – The Final Frontier

“If you happen to be reading this 35th Gene Key, then you have stumbled upon the greatest single secret hidden within all human DNA. In a book filled with secrets, you have found the simplest and easiest.

Indeed, certain translations of the original I Ching have named this 35th Hexagram ‘Easy Progress’ as opposed to just ‘Progress’. The easiest and quickest way to change your life for the better is to give your love unconditionally in as many areas of your life as you dare.

If you take on this adventure, you will actually affect the minute workings of your DNA. You will stimulate new chemical messages to pass from gene to gene and you will enter a whole new world of adventure, one that most people equate with the world of fantasy.”

– The 35th Gene Key, the Gift of Adventure


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