Values and Principles


Values & Principles

  • The Gene Keys Society for the Advancement of Humanity is an umbrella organisation designed to preserve and propagate the highest human values as contained in the Gene Keys teachings. Its core principles are individual freedom and communal respect. All members strive to uphold the sacred balance between freedom and the responsibilities of a collective life. Accordingly they will always treat each other in a spirit of courtesy, compassion and cooperation.
  • The Society exists to share and spread the essential wisdom of the Gene Keys teachings. Its members commit, both individually and collectively, to model and embody the principles of the Gene Keys through virtuous behaviour in their daily lives and communities. Members also recognise that such embodiment requires great patience and maturity and they agree to support each other through the challenges that such a path entails.
  • The Gene Keys teachings offer a powerful and tested path for individuals and groups to advance to a higher level of consciousness. This is achieved through the recognition and transmutation of one‚Äôs own victim behaviour patterns through self awareness and deep contemplation. Members of the Society must thus have a high sense of personal accountability and a gentle humility that always tries to see the very best in others, regardless of ¬†circumstances.
  • The Gene Keys Society is founded upon a strong belief in the importance of innovation, creativity and the cross-pollination of its teachings with other disciplines, sciences and systems. The Society encourages members to explore new ways of applying the Gene Keys in the world once they have a thorough grounding in the teachings, developed over years. Members are invited to share their ideas, insights and projects with the Society in a spirit of collaboration and transparency.
  • The principles of Philanthropy, Generosity and Fairness are central to the Gene Keys teachings. All members of the Society shall strive to embody them in their life. Humanity can only truly be said to advance when prosperity is shared by all, thus this spirit of selfless service pervades the entire culture and fabric of the Society and its members. Accordingly, in a spirit of Fairness and Balance, members using the Gene Keys for commercial benefit agree to offer back a percentage of their earnings to the Society.
  • The Gene Keys Society is open to all people who wish to co-create a new model for human society based on the highest principles of integrity, transparency and harmony. Members are invited to state clearly if and when they notice principles and values being transgressed, and they agree to do so in a spirit of kindness, courtesy and forgiveness.