The Birth of the Gene Keys Society

The Society was ‘born’ as a recognised non-profit on September 2nd 2016 at 4.45pm PDT, when we signed a fiscal sponsorship agreement with US-based 501 (c) (3) Inquiring Systems Inc (ISI).

Fiscal sponsorship will help the Society’s early life. Learning that ISI is located in the Sonoma Valley made us laugh! That vintner family heritage of our Gene Keys founder surely played a silent role in steering the Society to the birthplace of California wines, even if Richard Rudd took no active part in the search for our Society fiscal sponsor…

Sonoma is an indigenous name, meaning ‘valley where the moon nestles’. This triggered an early question about the role of Attractor Gene Keys, which led us to explore the Society’s Hologenetic Profile. No conscious intent attached to the Society’s actual birth-date: ISI chose the exact day and moment of signature exchange. Yet contemplating the profile for that date and time has evoked both amusement and delight at its fit with our Society Vision.

In the Gene Keys Society forum, members can share their own observations and reflections on the Society’s profile and what it suggests for the community’s path in the world. One pattern observed by Richard Rudd gives us a clue: “No 5 lines means completely self organising…”.