Dani Katz

Dani Katz established her reputation as one of Los Angeles’ finest literary talents by way of her bold voice, her expanded perspective and her mastery of language, having published – to date – hundreds of articles in LA Weekly, Los Angeles Times, Vice, Whole Life Times, Swindle, LA YogaSanta Fe Reporternerve.com and Reality Sandwich. She is best known for her gonzo tendency to lunge head-first into evermore bizarre and terrifying experiences into which most might (not) be so bold as to dip a single toe. Oh, and that YouTube video she made about regrowing her teeth that went viral and made her wish she combed her hair before pressing record.

In addition to her broad spectrum of practical experience and formal studies, including a Master’s Degree in Journalism, Katz has spent the past several years immersed in the study of quantum languaging and conscious communication, researching and perfecting the myriad ways, whys and hows that language influences our every human experience. She recently published a book on the topic, “The New P Handbook Volume 1: Little Languaging Hacks for Big Change,” which is on sale here now.

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