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The Gene Keys teachings come alive within the global community, where they are sparking a great wave of creativity, embodied presence and new friendship. In the Gene Keys Society you can find people studying the Gene Keys in your area and connect with others all around the world.

True wisdom is about dissolving illusory barriers between individuals, cultures and ideologies. Synarchy is the self-organising evolutionary impulse that gathers us into a collective higher consciousness through encouraging individual genius. Synarchy is our society of the future, based on the frequency of love, wisdom and truth all working in harmony.

We warmly invite you to become a member of our thriving community, to learn, teach and have fun as we travel this new and ancient wisdom path together.

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July 13, 2018

The Key of Precision (July 13 – July 18)

"The 62nd Gene Key sees the entire holographic cosmos. Everything is connected to everything else in perfect harmony. Every experience is perfect. The timing of your awakening is perfect. Precision is everywhere. The more you start seeing it, the more you imbibe it, the more you relax and then you come into harmony. But this coming into harmony, is going to put you through a few initiations and initiation often feels far from harmonious. Stepping out of the Maya is like leaving the Earth’s orbit. You have to build up a certain escape velocity to punch through the veil.

The Gene Keys are not facts, they are not rooted in fact. They are worm holes that open up into love. They are stitches in the holographic fabric of time and space and your awareness can travel along them. This is a magical system because we live in a magical universe...

This is the Precision of the feminine....The female version of precision is not about exactness, its about harmony. Information is more swiftly and efficiently organized through intuition than through any other means. So this digital revolution certainly looks impressive in its ability to create order. But, it can not track harmony because harmony sometimes moves through disorder. So the gift of precision knows how to move with equanimity through periods of order and disorder. This is the gift to navigate these big changes with periods with absolute precision mentally, physically and emotionally, how to move through transformation with precision and grace and inspire others to do the same."

- The 62nd Way, the Gift of Precision

What’s New

July 16, 2018

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July 13, 2018

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July 5, 2018

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June 26, 2018

Startled Awake – Cătălin Pîrvu

  Startled Awake   (embracing setbacks on the way to the Promised Land)   If you set to walk the Golden Path, be prepared to be unprepared. […]

“When you enter into this Community, you are engaging with a principle known as Synarchy. When you are drawn to a particular teaching, you’ve been drawn mysteriously and karmically, like a bee to a flower, and there are others also drawn to the same flower, so you share something similar in your essence, and that’s powerful.

To meet others on the same wavelength as you, grappling with similar challenges, physical, emotional and spiritual – that creates a strong resonance – and it’s this resonance – this honey – that we call Synarchy.”

Richard Rudd