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The Gene Keys teachings come alive within the global community, where they are sparking a great wave of creativity, embodied presence and new friendship. In the Gene Keys Society you can find people studying the Gene Keys in your area and connect with others all around the world.

True wisdom is about dissolving illusory barriers between individuals, cultures and ideologies. Synarchy is the self-organising evolutionary impulse that gathers us into a collective higher consciousness through encouraging individual genius. Synarchy is our society of the future, based on the frequency of love, wisdom and truth all working in harmony.

As of September 1st 2018 the Society has made the radical and aligned decision to make membership FREE to all members.

We warmly invite you to become a member of our thriving community, to learn, teach and have fun as we travel this new and ancient wisdom path together.

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The Membership Hub is the heart and hearth of our Gene Keys online community home. Members can find each other online, connect and then meet in local communities. It is a place for self-organising, friendship and fun.

It is also a place for studying together. Our members aspire to the highest standards of practice. Here we can share ideas and experiences, ask questions and give peer support. By learning together, we can help spread Gene Keys teaching around the world in coherence and integrity.

Online and in our home communities, we will gradually uncover and reveal the wisdom of the Synarchy which has drawn us together at this time around our common language of Gene Keys.

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The Pulse

Tracking the Gene Key of the Day

May 21, 2019

The Key of Self Assurance (May 21 – May 26 2019)

"Once we begin to consider the affects of our actions, our thoughts, our words and speech, once we see them deeply, it has a preventative affect in us. Certain addictive patterns fall away, and we learn how to be more altruistic and less harmful and toxic in our environment. Of course, this is still all a trial and error process. At times we fall back into our old habits and ways, but gradually the awareness begins to show us that those old ways only lead to more pain, so slowly, achingly slowly, we learn. When our natural inner morality rises to the surface, we feel more self-assured. We manifest the Gift of this Gene Key. It is a Gift that makes us feel more human and gives us a deep sense of purpose in the world.

To have awareness means to be open, like that arch – to receive feedback, even criticism with a certain equanimity. It is not that we are becoming a Zen master, but we are becoming more human, and in doing so, we are more integrated in the world around us. Awareness does that - it brings a sense of calm. Calmness in our modern world really stands out. In fact, calmness, genuine calmness - has always stood out. A self-assured person is a calm person. And this isn’t about confidence or charisma. Those are character traits. I am talking about presence, the Siddhi in this Gene Key.

Presence is like the light, and Absence is the lack of light. Presence is moving through this Gene Key in varying degrees - in the Shadow, it is only an occasional visitor, at the Gift it is a regular friend who comes to visit, and whenever she comes, she brings a sense of calm and clarity."

- The 20th Way, the Gift of Self Assurance

Fragments of Light

Video Series by Richard Rudd

“When you enter into this Community, you are engaging with a principle known as Synarchy. When you are drawn to a particular teaching, you’ve been drawn mysteriously and karmically, like a bee to a flower, and there are others also drawn to the same flower, so you share something similar in your essence, and that’s powerful.

To meet others on the same wavelength as you, grappling with similar challenges, physical, emotional and spiritual – that creates a strong resonance – and it’s this resonance – this honey – that we call Synarchy.”

Richard Rudd

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